Thursday, February 13, 2014

Venus Valentine Tablescape.

First things first - Happy Valentine's Day Eve.  I hope you are warm and safe and with the one's that you love on this very cold and snowy winter day.

Way back in 1967 I was walking my young son in his stroller.  We walked for about a mile and a half around the neighborhood.  Just as I turned around to start back home I noticed a white object partially wrapped in old newspapers laying on the top of the trash in the neighbors trash can.  I did not know then that I had just met an object that would follow me around for the rest of my life.  Always with me, usually residing on my vanity, always waiting there to hold my necklaces.
 She appears to be made of marble like materials,  I think her arm may have broken off prior to our first meeting  (maybe that was why she was in the trash).  I like her,  with or without her arm.  I decided on pinks and rose colors for our Valentine's Eve table.  The charger is a dark rose red made in Portugal by falancaSubtil bought from our local Goodwill for $1.95 each (I had a 35% off coupon).  The dinner plate was bought from the Goodwill auction and it is marked Nikko designed by Dina (see label), the auction was for fourteen dinner plates and twelve salad plates.  I was the only bidder at  $5.99, the shipping was almost twenty dollars.  Not that great of a deal but I do like the plates for spring and summer and of course Valentine's Day.  The lovely pink rose salad plates were found at the Volunteers of America store last year.  They are Bordallo Pinheiro made in Portugal (I bought eight plates for $12.50). The rose pink flatware came from Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago.  They were on clearance at 40% off.
I was with my good friend Gloria (a fellow thrifter) from work when I found the crystal water glasses and wine glasses at the Goodwill Store near where we work last year,  they came out to $1.30 each with my coupons.  Kathleen started to work with us recently.  She is a thrifter too.  When we go thrifting Kathleen calls the little strip shopping center by the Goodwill store the "G. W. Mall" (I love that!!).   The crystal  salt and pepper shakers (even the shaker tops are crystal) were bought at the Goodwill near my home at $1.00 each piece (less my Senior discount).  All of the crystal candle holders are thrift store finds too.
The blue and white flower pots all came from our local grocery store at a close-out sale with plants in them.  The crocheted tablecloth is laid over a rose red cloth both Goodwill finds, I just don't remember which store.  I am thinking it was the Goodwill by my house several years ago.  Tablecloths are $2.00 each (less the senior discount of course).
And now,  more pictures!!


A larger darker pink napkin is folded with a lighter lace trimed napkin and tucked into the water glass.  This is one of the few napkin folding techniques I can manage to do.  There is a heart shaped lollipop stuck into the back of the napkin to not only look cute but to help the napkin stay straight in the glass.
The Valentine's Day trees got a pink redo to help Venus feel more at home.

P. S.

Valentine's Day Dinner - Just for John and me.
Petite Filets,  Lobster tails,  baked potatoes,  asparagus,  garlic bread,  and homemade chocolate pudding for desert.
We had a lovely dinner.

 If you are affected by this horrid winter storm -> Stay warm, stay safe, stay home!! <-

Thrift on ladies, thrift on..............

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  1. You are quite the shopper - what wonderful finds. And they all come together to create a lovely table. To me, the table combines winter and Valentine's Day and it is just gorgeous! I noticed the shipping is high on the Goodwill Auction Site. I am just taking my chances at the stores. I never find anything as wonderful as you do! Great to have a friend to go thrifting with, too! Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Very pretty. Love your crocheted tablecloth.

  3. Oh my - I'm almost speechless (right, you say LOL) I am so overwhelmed with the loveliness of it - I had to read the post three times just because it was so pretty. Pink is one of my favorite colors - combine it with crystal and I'm in heaven. I love the pink top plates - and the pink roses plates - and all the crystal - I think I should just make my posts say - oh how I love everything. It is so pretty and inviting. And what bargains - lucky lucky you.

  4. Candy, this is one of the best tablescapes for Vale tine's Day I have seen, and now I am missing my Nikko dishes (roses) that I sold when I downsized.. but i can come visit them here. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I don't like Valentine's, Candy!
    But with that Bordallo dish and the lovely accents on this Tablescape I stand corrected - the mistake is mine ahahahahah
    You created such beauty and elegance that even a die-hard-hater wouldn't stand a chance.
    Congratulations for one of the more beautiful Valentine's Tablescapes I've seen. Ever. May I pin it? Please, pretty, please?!?!?
    Happy Valentine's, Dear Friend. Which is why I stopped by. To wish you a lovely day and send blessings of love on this day and beyond.

  6. What a beautiful Valentine's table you have shared with us, Candy. I love everything about it. I am a sucker for crocheted tablecloths...whenever I see them I buy them if they are reasonably priced. There is so much loving work put into them, I want to make sure they have a good home! That pink flatware is great...I never see any other than plain stuff at the one I go to.
    The plates are beautiful, too...great deal on them, especially the BPs.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Candy.

  7. You made a beautiful Valentines day table. I like the napkins in the glasses and the candles in pairs of three. I've always loved that tablecloth pattern. Happy Valentines Day!

  8. What a romantic table! I love all of your layers. This is just amazing!

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!



  9. Beautiful room and the tablescape is stunning. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  10. Just how jealous do you think I am right now? Well, you're WRONG!!! I'm a billion times more jealous than that about the buy you got on that Longchamps crystal!!!!!! Those iced beverage glasses are REALLY hard to come by these days since the company stopped production of this line. When you do find them, they are much higher than what we would have paid in the past. You basically got them at about 10% of the going rate. So yes....I am very, very, very, very, very jealous!!! :-)

    As for your statue that has faithfully followed you throughout life, no matter that her arm was broken. Some of Italy's finest statues are intentionally missing limbs!

    Great idea to use the Valentine pop behind the napkins to help them stand at attention! Very wise move!

  11. It's amazing how you piece together things you've found here and there and yet it looks like you went out and bought it all to go together. So very pretty! I can't get over that pink flatware, I need to visit Tuesday Morning more often. And your trash find - amazing. Dinner looked delicious, sorry I missed it:) Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party this week! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  12. Your marble madame is beautiful, not only because of her curvy lines and elegant attire, but because she was rescued by such a caring heart, and made important once again.

    Your tablescape is romantic and happy; I love the crocheted tablecloth on top of the pink one and the layering of all your pretty plates. Thank you for sharing all the sweetness.