Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eeeek There's A Spider On My Halloween Tree

It's always nice to take something someone else does not want and make it your own by putting your personality in it.  Whether you call it upscaling,  recycling, re-purposing, or whatever, it is fun to see what you can do to make it your own.  My Halloween tree started it's life as a Christmas tree, a can of black spray paint transformed it into a Halloween tree
It did not always look this way , it has evolved over the years.  First of all it looked like this when I bought it home. Sorry for the bad picture. As you can see it was very sad on the day I brought it home from Goodwill.
When I first started playing with it I called it my fall tree,  it evolved from there.. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry... Please bear with the evolution process.

This year's tree is a little bit brighter and the pictures are somewhat less blurry. The following pictures are of the tree progressing through the decorating process and then the final tree.
 The tree skirt is made of a remnant from JoAnn's.
 The garlands are from our local Goodwill.

I had a bunch of bittersweet branches from Goodwill.

 Voila - Halloween tree.

And now I will show you a picture of my real Halloween tree in the back of  my yard.

Pretty cool isn't it.

While I was going through my pictures I saw so many of my fall dishes that I have to dig out  to use for my fall tablescapes.  It's funny how you can forget what you have unless you have a system to keep track of it all. 

Maybe someone can offer me some hints on how they manage to keep track.  The following picture is of some plates I bought for myself on my annual Birthday Plate buying spree. All I have to do is find them so I can use them.

Have a wonderful Sunday,  and remember to stay happy! and stay safe!  I am looking forward to visiting you and to having you visit me.  Leave a comment, I am always delighted to hear from you.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sunshine Sunday Brunch On The Patio

Just for a little fun I set a Sunday brunch on the patio.  The table came from our Volunteers of America store last week. The table was $3.94 (I think) and the chairs were $1.91 each.  They are not very sturdy but they are cute.

The owl plates cam from Marshal's everything else is thrifted.
Just a cute little patioscape.

Have fun and enjoy what you do.

Henry and Hank holloween turkey pumpkins

Hank and Henry enjoyed being out on the patio today.

Enjoy, Stay safe, and be happy!!  Come back to visit soon!!!

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Pumpkins on Black and White Halloween Tablescape

When my son Rick got his new camera I asked him if he would take some pictures of one of my tablescapes for me.  A good camera makes all of the difference when taking indoor pictures under low light conditions.

I had already set up a black and white tablescape for Sunday morning but it was not quite finished.  I needed to go shopping for a few things for dinner and did not get home until about 2:30.  Well the boys beat me home and had already started a photo shoot.  So a few of the pictures will have some differences in the way they look.

Below you will see one of the more complete pictures.  The pumpkin salad plates came from Walmart this year.  I thought they were really cute.  They are set on a plain generic black dinner plate and a plain generic white charger.  Below the generic charger is a blackish leather charger that I found at Goodwill this week.

The table covering came from a remnant at JoAnn's.

The flatware,  wine glasses,  and the black oblong plates (with the little boo pumpkins on them) all came from Marc's my favorite close out store (and so much more).

The orange pumpkin plates break up all of the black and white rather nicely don't you think?

The napkins and the orange and gold napkin rings were found at our Volunteers of America store about a mile from the house.  They have some of the nicest napkin rings and napkins you can hope to find at a thrift store.

The large candle holders were bought at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  The candles are from our Marc's store.  The blackbirds have been collected through the years. The black side dishes were also a Goodwill find.

I found the copper pumpkins on the chair at Marc's too (I love the copper pumpkins).

I will be posting pictures on my Halloween tree over the weekend.  Hope to see you there! and remember to: Thrift on Ladies, Thrift on !!! Have a wonderful week, keep safe, and keep happy.
Thank you to my son Rick for your fantastic pictures.
Love you,

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