Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blue on Blue Seascape Table Setting

Beautiful blues are have been on my mind for a long time.  I have been longing to walk along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico and gather seashells and driftwood as I wander along.  Just holding my husbands hand while we walk and chatter as we go.  No schedules to follow,  nowhere to rush off to.  Just us,  talking and laughing as we go along our way.  The lovely aqua water of the Gulf changes it's hue as the sun travels across the sky on it's journey to yet another beautiful sunset.  We'll take a blanket and settle down on the sand as dusk is approaching.  Watching as the sun sinks lower on the horizon while shades of blue deepen at the waters edge and the suns ambient glow illuminates the surrounding clouds with red and golden orange streaks that are punctuated with the graceful silhouettes of a pair seagulls flying towards the sunset.    Someday I will walk those beaches again,  but not today.  Instead I can enjoy the beautiful changing colors of the water captured in a blue on blue seascape table setting.
Last year I fell in love with a tablescape that Alycia at Table Twenty-one post called (which you can see here )-> Ocean Blue - Starfish & Seashells  the tablescape was set outside where the beautiful natural light could play off of the Akcam starfish plates with all of the colors of the ocean.  As luck would have it I found the same plates at the HomeGoods Store earlier this summer.  Later I found some aqua dyed seashells in the clearance isle at the same HG Store. The table was set when the sun came up the other day and provided the changing colors of blue that I wanted to replicate.

I love the way the early morning sunshine gleams off of the glass plates and the way the shadows reflect the sun rays from above.

Tiny blue fish appear to be swimming in  crystal clear water in the wine glasses.

The tortoise shell like finish on the flatware glows in the morning light too.

Champagne napkins from Park design are sheathed by aqua organza that was an Ebay purchase several years ago.  Layered colors of blue, aqua, and white in the candles reflect the ever changing colors of the water on the Gulf Coast.  Faux sea glass table scatter has been colored aqua to help complete a beach like scene. 

The centerpiece is a seashell mermaid that resides in an old lantern,  
she is standing on a layer of sifted beach sand
Do you see my little helpers standing at the back of the living room chair watching as I am
Taking pictures today?

Two of the little ladies are named already.  The little dark ash blond on the left is Cindy and the pretty blond on the far right is Becky. Becky and Cindy were adopted from an Ebay vendor a couple of weeks ago.  The two dollies in the center were found living on their own at local thrift stores.  I brought them home and bathed them and dressed them in whatever I could find.  They were so happy to have a home and to be taken care of.  The only requirement they have is that I create pretty doll clothes for them to wear and to share them on Wednesdays like JoAnn at Scene Through My Eyes does on her Wednesday Wee Ones  posts and like Diane at Lavender Dreams does on her Wednesday posts.  I suspect that the dolls will be hanging out with my kitties watching me while I am sewing new outfits for them,  and maybe they will be watching while I am creating new tablescapes for the fall too!

Just a few more pictures of this tablescape morphing while I start to dis-assemble it.
After I removed the centerpiece,  picked up all of the table scatter,  placed the fish wine glasses into the sink to wash, and put the flatware back into it's storage container I pulled out my old Fiesta peacock flatware and the pretty aqua champagne glasses that we had used at Easter and played tablescaper for a bit longer.

 The fish netting over the grass cloth wallpaper with the bamboo table runner stands out nicely with all of the "other" stuff removed.  Just a few of the aqua dyed shells and the candles remain.  Much simpler!

The Players

Aqua diamond sparkle chargers bought off of Ebay.

Blue shell plates

Starfish plates

Starfish plates from HomeGoods.

Thrift store wine glasses,

Napkin rings from Marc's. Just $1.39 for a set of four.
I bought two sets.

And now for the winner of my Second Blogaversary Celebration Fall Linens give-away drawing.  Dear hubby had to do the honors of drawing the winner this year.  Low tech....  the names of all of the sweet people that visited and left a comment at my blog over the past two posts (one per follower) were written down on a square of note paper and placed in a hat 
 (that would be the straw hat that hubby wears at the beach when we are in Florida).  Dear hubby closed his eyes and pulled out.........(Drum roll please)...... Susie Holler's name!
Congratulations Susie!  I will need your address to send you your new Park Designs Indian Summer tablecloth and napkins.  Thank you to everyone who participated this year. 

Remember to thrift on ladies,  thrift on!

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  1. I can see how this has you thinking of wonderful walks on the beach. Beautiful colors!

  2. What a great thyme with all the blue tints My sea shore is a little whimsical and green. come over and visit.

  3. Beautiful table...aqua is my favorite for tablescapes. I really like it paired with cobalt. Love the stemware.
    Can you believe I am working on a's been so long, but too many things going on around here that need my attention more than a table.

  4. Oh my I could visualize everything you described in the beginning of your post. Your table design is perfect for your theme. Love the star dishes! Every detail is wonderful!!

  5. Omh my Gosh Candy I was going to rave on the beauty of your table and tell you how I want to go thrift shopping with you because you are the best then I saw my name I won omg I've never won anything in my life.thank you thank you. I'll email my address.Susie

  6. Ohhhh myyyyyy - one of the loveliest tables ever. The colors are perfect for the beach. I like the first setting and then I like the simpler setting at the last. The candles are wonderful - love the flatware and the glasses - and the napkin rings. You are so clever at designing tables and find the best deals. Those shell dishes are divine.

    It is nice to see your little helpers watching to make sure you set the table correctly. They are going to be such fun to sew for - I can't wait to see what you will make. They are so cute - and seem to be very polite little girls.

    Lucky winner of your drawing - I love drawings - no matter who wins - they are such fun!!!

  7. Your Tablescape is breathtaking. You are so talented. Your combinations are wonderful. I just loved how you have shared a photo of your 4 little helpers, it makes the post charming as well as beautiful.. You really expressed your personality in this post. Thank you.

  8. I love this one.
    And I'm not a beachy person, mind you...
    But when going through your amazing setting I was like "this is DISNEY". So happy. Joyfull. Beautiful. The kind of beautiful dreams are made of. I bet if those producers saw your table they could do a movie on in only. Just add music ahahahaha
    So much loveliness. Whimsical details. And the colors?!?! sigh - DREAMY.

  9. Holy wow Candy! I can tell you've been really having fun playing with your seashells~ those star plates are crazy cool and look so good with the starfish sitting on top! Turquoise and sea green are my absolute favorite colors and the different tones you have layered throughout this table really do remind me of the beautiful sparkling gulf of Mexico and the white sandy beaches~ I hope you and your hubby get that stroll soon :)

  10. Now I love this one as much as the seashell/cream/white tablescape. Both are over the top and breathtaking. I love the various blue colored starfish and seashell shaped plates. Truly, I think they both would make a gorgeous beach wedding tablescape. They both should be featured in a Home Decor or Brides wedding magazine. Stunning! I love your work and creativity. So talented, Candy!

  11. Candy, this table is gorgeous. The colors are so striking and beautiul. Everything is coordinated. Wow, you really outdid yourself on this one. Any guest would be thrilled to be invited to sit at this table.

  12. Candy, so beautiful! I love the beginning of your post, too....your mind's eye reverie is reflected perfectly in this gorgeous table. The netting is a stroke of genius!

  13. Your blue on blue beach tablescape is gorgeous, Candy!! Truly! I love all the shades of blue; it really does conjure up images of the ocean. I especially love your starfish plates, glasses, flatware, and striped pillar candles. Oh I almost forgot the most important element -- the sunlight. You captured it perfectly. :)

    Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my baseball post. I enjoyed your tablescape and can hardly believe summer is almost over. I hope you have a great week!

    Big hugs,


  14. Oh, Candy. Every plate and accent piece is perfect for a truly lovely, vibrant view of the sea. Bravo! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  15. I'm not sure which would be better, your stroll on the beach and then having a picnic with hubby there or imagining you are at the beach while getting to sit at this magnificent tablescape! Love all the blue colours - those starfish dishes are gorgeous. So many little details like the fish on the wine glasses and those thrifty seashell napkin rings combine to create a breath-taking table setting! Would love to dine at it no matter what was served.

  16. The blues are all so pretty together....seashells are my favorite! And look at those precious little dollies. You're going to have such fun playing with them. They already look adorable! Have a fun weekend! And congrats to your lucky winner! Sweet hugs, Diane

  17. What a gorgeous tablescape, Candy! I have a seaside table now too and colors are similar to yours but I added some coral orange color. I love your glassy plates. And I have to add that the dolls are beautiful. I love dolls and I have a collection but I do not know where to display them cause I am out of room in our Florida home, lol. Guess I did not downsize enough, lol....Christine

  18. Loving all the turquoise colors. This is truly beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend! Lynn

  19. Thank you Lynn, I have been loving turquoise for tablescaping all year.

  20. Aqua is my favorite for tablescape! Lovely photos with those blue stuffs. Wonderful collection!

  21. Candy,
    What an amazing tablescape!! Love it!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  22. Like everyone, I love this tablescape a lot. But for me, aqua and turquoise have a special place so it sings to me. I can't pick a favorite, but if I must it is two things, the glasses with the fish swimming and the seashell plates.

  23. So cute, love the iridescent sea colours!

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