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Late Fall VintageTablescape

November 15th, 2014
National Bundt Cake Day

I baked my first bundt cake this week for Cuisine Kathleen's Bundt Cake Challenge on Wednesday November 12th.  It was not a pretty site, the two pieces of my pumpkin shaped cake did not fit together properly so I hacked at them with a long knife until I could get them to fit together (kind of) and the frosting turned to fudge before I could pour it onto my cake.  I surgically improved it by amputating the bottom of the cake and gave it a face lift in order to be able to participate in the challenge.  Let it be said that I was rather disheartened by the dismal appearance of my cake and needed some time to reconcile myself to the fact that I am not much of a baker.  I needed a little time to go ahead and fix my cake as best I could,  set the table that I wanted to do for a fall tablescape,  and then swallow my pride and fess up to the fact that I did not have any idea what I was doing.  But first before I get to the cake I want to show you a place setting from the vintage tablescape I did for late fall.  I used the beautiful place mat's I won from Fabby's Blogging anniversary give-a-way to set the tone for the rest of the table.You will see that this post is very similar to  Vintage Early Fall Tablescape .

Vintage Fall Tablescape
Late Fall  table setting

Vintage china, crystal stemware, brown and white tablescape, Fall tablescape, tablescape,
Early Fall table setting

On to the cake!  

When Kathleen first announced her bundt cake challenge I immediately went to Pinterest and started pinning bunt cakes and then I came across my dream bundt cake...... I was in love!    I do not know who originated this post but you can find this picture and a pumpkin bundt cake recipe at Top Graduation Cake Ideas here
Once I knew the cake style I wanted to bake I turned to Ebay to find the perfect bundt cake pan.

Before I even received my new cake pans I started looking for the recipe I wanted to use for my bundt cake.  I narrowed it down to two recipes (both found on Pinterest), one was a pumpkin based recipe and the other was an apple recipe.  Dearest hubby made the decision for an apple cake.  You can find the recipe for this cake from Tracy's Culinary Adventures here.

My cake resembled neither of the Pinterest posts,  I had to cut the bottom half of my cake off because of it's hideous appearance and then fix the frosting (it literally turned to praline fudge while I was trying to "drizzle" it over the cake). The frosting may look thick and chunky but it is delicious.  The cake is really tasty too. After surgery,  the face lift, and adding nuts to the top,  it did look kind of like Tray's cake. I have learned a lesson from this experience - move really fast if you want your frosting to drizzle.

My cake

After a lot of work it is now presentable enough.
(kind of)
The pecans on top really did help to smooth out the icing on the top of the cake.  The "drizzle" down the sides peals off like praline fudge and boy is it tasty.  Not a gorgeous cake but it is ok enough.  If I ever make another bundt cake it will not be frosted or drizzled,  only lightly sprinkled with powder sugar.
Plum Creek Place
I placed the cake under a glass dome and centered on the table behind the dining table and proceeded with taking the pictures for my tablescape post.

Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware California Trellis
I love the wood look of this pilgrim set.

Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware California Trellis

Dear Hubby got a kick out of the place cards on the table.
Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware California Trellis
The dinnerware, flatware, and water glasses are all vintage.

Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware California Trellis
The dinnerware is Santa Anita Ware - California Trellis

Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware California Trellis
A warm buttery yellow color with a lite spatter of brown speckles with a brown trellis pattern in the middle.  I have had this set for a while and have periodically looked it up on Ebay but have not seen it for sale. I had a hard time getting the color to show up properly. In the picture below the color looks more creamy than it's true yellow hue.
Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware California Trellis
The vintage amber water glasses have been collected from thrift stores over several years.  I have a few of the wine glasses but not enough for a tablescape yet.  I remember my mother having these glasses (a whole set, wine glasses and all) in the kitchen cabinet during the sixties.  They were premiums from a local grocery store.  The store was also offering a dark gold scrolled pattern of dinnerware that mother was collecting - I still see that plate pattern at the thrift stores now and then it, sells very quickly.

Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware California Trellis
The flatware is from Interpur  the INR2 Pattern.  I found 20+ place settings and some of the serving pieces  at the Goodwill store near where I worked.  All of the flatware pieces were in new condition and still in the original wrappers.  I bought them all.  I love this pattern with it's 1960's look. 
 Vintage Fall Tablescape - Interpur INR2 flatwareVintage Fall Tablescape - Interpur INR2 flatware

Vintage Fall Tablescape - Interpur INR2 flatware
The napkins were a thrift store find (I think) that I did not remember buying.  I like finding surprises in my stash that I don't remember I have.  This looks like a Vera pattern but it is not marked as such.
Vintage Fall Tablescape - Santa Anita Ware, Interpur flatware

I have been emptying the china cabinets out to get them ready to move before the new flooring is installed after the holidays.  I arranged the shelves for the upcoming holiday season with some of  my winter looking china.
Plumcreek Place - Aqua glass and crystal in the china cabinet
Almost everything in the cabinets was thrifted.  I did buy some more of the aqua swirl bowls off of Ebay to add to the ones that I had found to Goodwill a couple of weeks ago (I bought four, only three survived the post office).  As luck would have it I did find another set at Goodwill the following week.  I bought them.   Now I have 11 of these pretty little bowls plus three of the serving bowls that go with them..

On a more serious note:

My cat Baby passed away after two year's of illness with hyperthyroidism. She gave us eighteen years of love.  She will be missed
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Purple and Orange Haloween Tablescape

Happy Halloween!

I have been busy patching nail holes and painting the walls in my living room.  It is a slow process at my age.   The house is quite a mess at this point in time with paint rollers, patching compound, sanders,  hammers, nails, screwdrivers, and what all else lying around.  I pushed around some of the dust from sanding the patching compound as best as I felt like doing becase I wanted to take the time to set a table for Halloween for tonight.  It is a relatively simple and very thrifty Halloween tablescape.  I went with purple, orange, and black.  The purple plates that I used earlier this month worked out nicely with the orange and black napkins.
 Two napkins were folded together to make a fold to slip the spiders wire stem into. A purple spider bowl sits next to each plate. Perfect for a bowl of tomato soup to go with a warm grilled cheese sandwich for the kids before they leave to go Trick-or-treating.
Little cheese cloth ghosts decorate the table as well as several Halloween owls.

The shelves have several new occupants.  The bottom shelf has two red eyed owls residing smack in the middle of the shelf.
A witch has taken up residence on the shelf above the owls.  She seems quite happy to sit on her broom and wile away the hours cackling at the bats that have moved in above and below her.

Benjamin Bat has the upper bunk.  He stays amused with the endless chatter of the wise old owls.  Harry the furry bat has the lower bunk,  he is not amused at all.   

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

Living room review:

One wall at a time, slowly but surely it will be done.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Deep Purple And Golden Copper Hued Fall Tablescape.

I have been collecting a variety of gold, bronze and copper items to create a fall tablescape all year.  When Cuisine Kathleen issued a challenge to create a Fall tablescape using purple (but no orange) tablescape I thought it would be easy to substitute purple for the teal color I had originally planned.  I found out that purple is very hard to capture in it's true colors on a photograph.  After three days of fooling around to try and get the pictures to look reasonably like they should I finally managed to get some early morning sunlit pictures.  There is a bit of a glare in some pictures but they did show more of their true colors.
The base is a tablecloth from a semi-sheer crinkled curtain panel that has metallic threads of gold to bronze running through subtle stripes of autumn colors that is layered over a deep purple tablecloth.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
Pretty bubble glass deep purple water goblets and the etched glass grape wine glasses were thrift store purchases.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.

Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The woven fall design napkin is overlayed with a sheer copper fabric with golden leaves embossed onto the fabric. This pretty fall sheer was wrapped around bouquets of Thanksgiving flowers last year at a local grocery store.  I bought three bouquets after they were marked down to five dollars per bouquet of a dozen long stem red roses after the holiday.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
 The fall brocade napkins and deep purple and gold napkin rings were thrifted a while back.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The stack layers of various textures of dinnerware in fall colors.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
 A small cluster of green grapes was placed in a clear purple figural grape bowl to add some contrast to the dark colors.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.

Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
I think the gold salad plate is a pressed depression glass.  But I could be wrong about that.  I just think they are pretty.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The purple plates came from HomeGoods last winter (they had been marked down after Christmas).  I used them in my Mardi Gras Tablescape that you can see here:  My Imitation Mardi Gras Mask Tablescape.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The amber and gold mosaic tiled chargers came from Pier 1 bought late in the winter this year.  They were marked down from the previous Fall's leftover stock.  Yep,  I left the price tag on, they were $4.18 each.  They have some again this year which you can find here:  Amber-Gold-Mosaic-Charger   The price has gone up a bit for this year.
The flatware was an Ebay buy.

The centerpiece is a simple arrangement of three decorative candle sticks with green pears set upon them instead of candles.  I did have candles on them, but the candles were orange.  So I decided to go with the pears instead.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
You can see the orange candles here from one of the pictures from the day before I took the pictures with the pears.
They have some again this year which you can find here Amber-Gold-Mosaic-Charger  The price has gone up a bit for this year.
I had a purple vase, and a bronze pumpkin on the table while I was playing with what to use for the centerpiece in the following pictures.
The whole table took on an orange glow.  So I promptly removed the candles and the pumpkin and started over again.
Copper leaves cut from an old metal wall decoration are scattered across the table in the following pictures.  Sweet hubby used a nipper to cut the wire stems.
You can see the orchid in the window that one of my son's bought me for my birthday.
The purple sherberts were thrifted a long time ago.
The gold and red candle holders were thrift store purchases too.
The beaded place mats say made in India for Wall Mart on the back, I bought eight of them at the VOA Thrift Store for one dollar each. 

The little brown birds are from Marc's (my favorite close out store).
The sun was coming in at an angle that lit the whole table up in the morning.
Just the pear and the grapes were touched by the suns rays in this picture.

There you have my Deep Purple and Golden Copper Hued Fall Tablescape.  There were a few retail purchases for this table but other than the chargers and the dinner plates (both of which were bought at close out prices) and the pears & brown birds that were bought at Marc's, and the Ebay flatware the rest of  the
table was thrifted.

Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I do so much enjoy your visits and comments that you might leave.  Just remember to thrift on ladies,  thrift on.

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