Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunflower Plaid Tablescape

Whenever I am out and about at the thrift stores and garage sales I look for material suitable for making tablecloths.  I have been very lucky at finding plaids lately.  I found nearly seven yards of beautiful black and white plaid last week,  enough to make a tablecloth and recover the kitchen chairs. Several yards of hunter green and white plaid hopped in my cart along with a nice beige and white plaid at the Salvation Army (I think) several weeks ago. Now one would think I would be content with these happy finds,  right?  But no,  I found myself coveting a piece of beautiful yellow and blue eyelash plaid material that Kathleen (one of my thrifting cohorts at work) found at a garage sale last Thursday during lunch break.  Almost three yards of yellow and blue plaid beauty.  The moment I saw it my mind went into overdrive mentally resetting the sunflower table that I had been working on for several days and  resetting everything onto the blue and yellow prettyness.  I offered to buy,  I offered to trade,  I offered to upholster Kathleen's chairs,  I offered all of the above just to be able to use this beautiful material for a tablescape. But no,  I went home empty handed over the weekend while Kathleen thought about letting go of the lovely plaid cloth.  But then (much to my delight) on Monday Kathleen offered to give me the yellow and blue plaid.    A very generous offer indeed!!  However, I was content to use the fabric as a table cover and return it uncut and unharmed. The yellow and blue of this fabric was every bit as perfect for my sunflower table as I had imagined.
The eyelash side would be perfect for throw pillows or covering a chair seat.  I liked the reverse side to use for a table cover.
Wouldn't this be a wonderful Sunday brunch table.  I can taste the mimosa's served in the cobalt blue champagne glasses. The sunflower serving set that is surrounding the cobalt cut crystal vase of sunflowers would be filled with seasonal fruit and berries.Thick slices of french toast and country sausage would be served on the lovely Corelle sunflower plates.                

At our local Goodwill store there is a ten percent discount if you are over sixty (with an Ohio Buckeye Card),  if you drop off a donation you receive a coupon for a twenty percent discount,  and after you accumulate $100.00 in purchases you receive a receipt for 35 percent off on your purchases.  I always hold onto my 35% discount receipt until I find something I really like that costs at least thirty dollars.  I used the last 35% off discount to buy a dining room table that will be used for tablescaping while I refinish my Danish Modern table. The new table has a glass top and a Moroccan look to the base.

Dinner plates are one dollar each at our local Goodwill stores,  and the salad plates are fifty cents each .  The Corelle sunflower plates were a recent Goodwill find,  I found the Corelle plates within days after my friend JoAnn had mentioned in an email that she was looking for this pattern to complete her set.  They will be going to the post office early next week to ship off to the west coast.

The placemats are from HomeGoods.  I had used them in an Easter Tablescape back in April. The floral accent plates came from the HG last spring.  The dark chargers that look black but are actually a deep cobalt blue, they came from Goodwill or the VOA for one dollar each  (they will be going back as a donation).  The napkins were a thrift store find a while back.

The sunflower serving set (there is a brown bowl that goes in the middle of the petals)  that is around the vase came from Marc's as did the sunflower S&P's.  The cobalt cut crystal vase (I think it is from the Salvation Army Family Store) is actually a cylinder with a water glass inside holding the flowers. The cost $2.50,  the look - lovely!

The following pictures are of the original breakfast sunflower table I had planned to put together for this post. Since everything was already staged I thought I would go ahead and set the plates and take the pictures anyway.

 The bubble glasses came from Marc's for 99 cents each.  I bought six of each color - blue, green, and amber gold.
 Tink is one of my original thrift store fairy finds. Isn't she sweet?
 The original yellow and blue plaid tablecloth (a thrift store find).
The following pictures are of the different plaids that I found while out thrifting over the last couple of months. All of the fabrics are 54 to 60 inches wide for home decorating, they are a nice weight that is so easy to work with.   I especially love the black and white plaid,  the fabric was still on the bolt with the tag attached.  A little over seven yards for eight dollars.  I will be recovering my kitchen chair seats with this pretty fabric.
There are about four yards of the green plaid.  Also a nice heavy decorator fabric. Both the green and the beige were tagged at $2.99 each.  Both pieces are about four yards.
The beige is not quite as heavy as the other fabrics, the weave is a lot looser than the black or green plaid.  I think it would make some nice throw pillow covers for the fall and a nice homespun look tablecloth.
Just wanted to let you know that the fairy garden is surviving the erratic weather that we have had in Northeast Ohio lately. This picture was taken at twilight last month before the last torrential storm that flooded the neighborhood for the second time in a month.  Believe it or not - we had two tornado's touch down locally within a week or so of each other. High winds and lots of rain.  The forget-me-nots in the fairy garden were not happy with their feet being constantly wet,  they wilted and died.  The China doll tree is doing well as is the Irish moss.  I will be posting new pictures of the fairy garden next month.

As always ladies.... Thrift on,  Thrift on!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Plum Creek's Fairy Garden

I know you know all about Pinterest.  But do you know all about how addictive it is?  Do you know you cannot look at pictures of a fairy garden without wanting to make a fairy garden?  I have nearly 450 pins on my Fairy Garden Board, you can find it here  After you look at a few of these lovely little gardens you will know what the attraction is.  After nearly a year of drooling over someone else's fairy garden, I have finally made my own.  Last year I wanted to make a Secret Garden out of a book.  When my son Chris and his wife found out about my new interest they sent me a set of fairy garden wrought iron trellises, furniture, and gates for my birthday. At Mother's Day they sent my fairies (yea!).  Over the year I found a few things here and there that I incorporated into the fairy garden.
I started with a container that I found at Marshall's.  I used my two ten dollar off coupons. After tax I paid less than two dollars for the tub.

 I filled the bottom third of the tub with shipping popcorn and  filled the rest of the tub with moistened potting mix.  I set my "fairy house" and some plants I had been collecting into the tub and played with them repositioning them until I was happy with the configuration. I designed the garden to have an attractive front view and an attractive back view independent of each other.
 The fairy house was a wizard house complete with gargoyles that I found at Goodwill. I chiseled that wizard and gargoyles out of the house voila! a fairy house for four dollars (less my discount of course). The little tree is called China Doll, I found it at Marc's.  The moss is Scotch Irish moss form Home Depot. I do not know the name of the flowers hanging over the side of a tub.  I took them out of a hanging basket that I had bought at Marc's for this purpose.
Then I added fences and trellises (and fairies too) and moved them around until I was happy.
The fences came from my collection of Christmas Village fencing.  I did end up using a smaller brown fence.  I will probably still change  the fence again.

I ended up repositioning the house to leave a little more room in the back for the garden arch and another fairy.
I placed the battery pack to the lights in the bottom of the turret and hot glued the lights under the eaves and inside of the rooms, Laid dried moss in to the areas of exposed soil (to keep weeds from popping up I hope).  Now please understand that this is my first attempt at making a fairy garden and I will be tweaking it for weeks, but for right now I am pretty happy with it.  It needs a little more of a polished look (but not to much) and a little bit of a better definition of the spaces.

 The twin fairies were my Mothers Day gift - Thank you Chris and Genia.
 I found the fairy below at Goodwill.
 The fairy babies are from Goodwill too.  The larger garden fairies are from Marc's.

 This little chair came from the Goodwill store near where I work.  It fits the twin fairies perfectly.

 This fairy light was a Mother's Day gift from Chris and Gen too.

It was a very long hard day.  I worked in the yard to finish planting and mulching so I could get to making my Fairy Garden.  I am glad I did.

Thrift on ladies, thrift on

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