Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentines Day Par-Tay Tablescape

Today is Friday,  February 6th, 2015 and that means it is time to Par-Tay over at Laurie's along with her Co-Host the Queen of Hearts.  I thought I would tie in my totally thrifted/thrifty Valentine's Day Tablescape in with my Par-Tay table.  Virtually everything came from Goodwill, The Salvation Army Thrift Store,  The Volunteers of America, garage sales and darn near free odds and ends from Marc's Close Out Department.
I even got crafty for the occasion.  So join me as I show you how I created a really thrifty Valentines table plus a couple of variations to the centerpiece and the place settings.
The first centerpiece is a Valentine's Day Letter box made from a plane red letter box like they sell at Target and craft stores.  A previous owner had fashioned a wooden stand for it from three pieces of wood.
I used a product called The Photo Laminator to glue the materials to the mailbox.  Any tacky glue would work equally as well.  I started by thoroughly cleaning the box and stand and then cut up an old napkin that was stained to apply to the letter box.  After that I applied the trim pieces and bow.   Once the letter box was dry I cut the material to cover the wooden base from an old black and white polka dot napkin. Other pieces of trim were cut from some black and white polka dot ribbon that had been wrapped around ornament packaging  several years back.   The red heart ribbon came from marks at least 10 years or so ago.  The ribbon was priced at 2 rolls for 99 cents and each roll had 25 yards of ribbon.  I use it sparingly nowadays.  You may recognize the black plaid material on the base from the kitchen chairs that I recently recovered.
 Notice the little red metal baby carriage on the open door of the letter box.  The little valentine was a download,  and the snowflake was left over from Christmas.  There is a small red Christmas bird ornament clipped to the top of the letter box where it closes.  You probably recognize the truck from my Christmas Village -> Copycat Tablescape .   The little flower pots came from Marc's,  they were originally priced at 99cents each.  Evidently they were slow movers and the new Easter merchandise was coming in so the pots were in baskets at the end of the isles and marked  "free"

The free pots from Marc's had some wimpy salmon pink flowers in them which I replaced with red and white flowers plus a couple of hearts.

 All items on this table were thrifted through the years.

The red dinner plates (marked Pier 1) were one dollar each from Goodwill
The red heart salad plates were 50 cents each from the VOA
The white battemburg lace doilies were 2 for 99 cents from the VOA
The Coco Cola flatware was 25 cents per piece from Goodwill
The Red gingham check glassware is from Goodwill 50 cents each.
The white eyelet trimmed tablecloth is from Goodwill $2.00
The tea table topper (appliqued and embroidered) was 1.00 from Goodwill.
The letter box was $1.50 from Goodwill
The red gingham napkins are 2 for $1.00 from goodwill 
The black checked napkin sleeves were made from scraps
The red geranium napkin rings are to old to remember where and when
The grapevine plate decor came in a bag of about twenty for $3.00
Flowers for the pots are from the stash. 

Keep in mind I always have my 10 percent senior discount,  and I almost always have a 20 percent off discount card for donating. I also get a 35% discount card after spending one hundred dollars.  Believe me - I use my discounts!

Estimated total cost of $16.00 to $20.00 to design and set this Valentine's Day table
Now you may ask yourself why is this crazy lady listing the prices of all this thrift store stuff.  Well that would be because Wanda over at A Wandaful Thing is doing a frugal thrift store Valentine's Day Tablescape  challenge  that must cost twenty dollars or less to make the tablescape. Here is the link if you would like to get in on the fun at Wanda's Challenge ->

The only thing actually bought to do this table was the letter box $1.50 - Everything else came from the stash
More Pictures

Alternate looks for the table

The red and white container in this alternate centerpiece was part of a three piece set from goodwill and is made from stained glass.  



Have a wonderful weekend - And remember to thrift on ladies, thrift on.

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** Fairy Garden Update **

The blizzard from earlier this week left one of the residents of the fairy castle stranded.  She was found perched precariously atop the snow laden trees calmly awaiting rescue after the storm let up.
The other residents of the castle are assumed to be alive and well inside the castle.  It is thought that by April a rescue team will be able to plow out the snow and rescue them as well.


  1. This is so cute! I love setting tables using thrift store treasures. You did a fabulous job. I'll check out Wanda's challenge! Just love it all.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love it so!!! Just perfect for Valentine's day - and those glasses - oh those glasses - we had some of them years and years ago - when our kids were in early grade school (and they are in their mid to late 40s now - our kids, not the glasses) I've seen some in thrift stores but they have always been run through the dishwasher and are very faded - I'll find me some more some day. The hunt is such fun. I love the way you do you napkins - and checks and polka dots on the table are wonderful. Everything is just perfect, right down to the little free flower pots. I have decorated my side board in red and white - looking cute - must take pix.

  3. I think your table wins the prize! This is the perfect table for Valentine's Day. Bravo!

  4. Candy can I go shopping with you? for you to come up with tables like this you have so much talent and creativity to come up with something so beautiful. I love the napkins and the heart plates are stunning where ever did you get the snowflake plates on your hutch? the red striped vase is GORGEOUS I want that pink tree and those batenburg heart doiles please send asap. Susie

  5. Wow, Candy, both tables are beautiful...just changing a few things gives them a totally different look.
    Combining black gingham checks for Valentine's was really thinking outside the box, but you are known for that! The appliqued table top is gorgeous.
    Love the pink/white tree!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. I tell are truly THE best when it comes to seeking out bargains that really look great and work well together! You have put together a terrific table for the "par-tay" and for celebrating a week of love and romance! You must have the most incredible patience to find all the bargains that you do. I salute you a hundred times over!!!

    Gosh, I hope it's earlier than April that you're able to rescue the occupants of the castle! April is a long way off!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for great weather to pass your way. We are having incredibly temperate weather here in the KC area today with an expected high near 70! I might actually try to step out on the porch for a few just to soak up some rays!!!!

  7. Great table! I love that it all came from thrift stores, goodwill etc. My kind of girl! Maybe someday we can hook up and go shopping together! I am a big thrifter!
    Blessings My Friend,

  8. Candy- That is beyond adorable....everything!!! I love that it has all been found in bits and pieces and that you got it at bargain prices. It looks just beautiful. Hope you are having a great weekend- xo Diana

  9. You are such a creative person, Candy! Okay, you know I'm in love with your Valentine table because of all the red - in solids, checks, gingham, with black and white and stripes! I especially love the white lace heart on the cherry red plates, and of course, all the gingham accessories. Everything is so adorably sweet!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day!


  10. Candy, never has there been a cuter table for such a bargain price! Oh, I wanted to reach into the photo and steal that adorable letter box! You have really outdone yourself on this one - all of those checked pieces, even glasses! I love all of them. You certainly are ready for a fun Valentine's Day - hope it is a memorable one!!

  11. Wow! Am I sorry I was sick and nearly missed these....Candy, I just love what you've done here! Each setting is beautiful, it's too hard to name my favorite! I do adore that mailbox, it's a stoke of genius! Blessings, my friend. I hope you had fun at the Par-Tay, and enjoy your Valentine's!

  12. Oh Candy, I adore everything about these tablescapes! First, that tablecloth is absolutely wonderful. Then, your decorated mailbox is soooo cute, and so is the little red truck filled with hearts. Red checked tumblers, red checked napkins and black checked napkins - perfection! The wall behind your table is so festive too. Then, I scroll down and find MORE fabulous centerpiece ideas. That striped vase is gorgeous, and so is that sweet pink Valentine tree. I'm glad you rescued the little fairy. Your snow pictures are so pretty. Thank you for linking this to my party. I loved every image in this post.

  13. Oh, my gosh! I love it all, but the Coke flatware is wonderful! I had never seen it before! So cute! Great resourcing of items for your table! I'm not going to show my husband, though. If he sees all the money you save, I'll never hear the end of it!

  14. SSSSSSOOOOO Cute!! Love the mailbox, just adorable with the pick-up full of Valentines! So many details and so much fun Candy! I am so sorry you have to deal with all that snow!