Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day x Three Tablescape

Do you ever get into the mood just to play with dishes?  You know,  when you keep asking yourself "what if I do this,  or maybe what if I do that"?  Or "how about I use blue instead of red or maybe pink"?  Well this time I did all of the "what if I do's" I thought of  and took pictures as I went along. I started by revamping last weeks table and stayed with the red, black, and white color scheme.  I just changed up the centerpiece and switched out salad plates and glassware.

This is what I came up with:

I had found playing card plates (three spades and three clubs) at the Salvation Army Family thrift store that I thought would be cute for a VDay table.

I made a centerpiece from two larger tall Valentine themed cylinder vases from the VOA and two smaller cylinder vases that matched and just filled them with the red twigs that I had used in last weeks centerpiece plus a few red hearts.

I changed out the snowflake plates on the wall for the red heart shaped plates.


I felt like tying new recipes too.
I made roasted pork chops and vegetables from a recipe on the Rachel Ray Show that we had seen a couple of days earlier ->

Banana nut muffins from an Emeril Lagasse recipe. I substituted applesauce for half of the butter and three to four bananas instead of two ->
The next morning I felt like playing with the blue and white plates I had set out for a spring redo in the china cabinets. I started by staging the wall behind the breakfast table with a combination of plates that included two of the cute little white cherub plates that I have been collecting from the thrift stores over the years.
Everything used for this table was thrifted except for the flatware which was a sidewalk sale find at Tuesday Morning,  the mini cake stands that are from Marc's close out department, a couple of the little cherub figurines came from Marc's a few years back,  and the white twigs also from Marc's close out department before the holidays.  Gosh I love that store.
 The little crochet heart was found at the VOA a year or two ago.  The plates with the tiny blue hearts were also thrifted I think from the VOA.

The large blue heart shaped plate was bought at the Goodwill thrift store a couple of days ago. all of the cobalt glass was thrifted over the years.

 I love the little heart trimmed blue and white napkin rings that I found several years ago at the VOA.  They are such a pretty shade of blue and work so nicely with the napkins.  The napkin rings came in a bag that included a identical set of napkin rings in pink.
 The pink heart glassware came from Goodwill a few weeks back,
 I thought the pink hearts looked nice with the pink icing on the cupcakes.
The blue and white vase used in the centerpiece and the cherub vases were from several years ago.
This is one of the variations I was playing with for this table.  Notice the napkins and the sponged blue heart glasses were changed out.  I found the sponged glasses at the GW a couple of days ago.

We had sunshine for a couple of hours today that really brightened up the kitchen.  The light is coming in from the patio doors and the Palladian window in the family room. There are no direct sources for natural light in the kitchen only the overhead lighting.

 The alternate setting is pictured below.

The players
Dessert or B&B plate

Luncheon plate

Charger plate(or large dinner plate)

Plates displayed on the wall.

The blue plum plate is Bordello Pinheiro 
from the close out isle at Home Goods
 Coaching plates are made by Oxford in Brazil.
 Williams-Sonoma Brittany plates (there are six of them)  from the VOA.
 You can see the bright reflections from the family room windows.
And the candles were also thrifted.
While I was waiting for my camera to download the pictures of the blue Valentine's Day table (sometimes it can take an hour or two) I thought I would set up a pink and red table just for grins and giggles.  I came across the boxes of red transferware that I have not used for years when I was looking for my cherub candle holders (which I did not find) and brought some of the plates down for the table and to change out the plates on the wall along with the valentine plates.

After changing up the wall plates I placed a thrifted pale pink vase filled with white twigs from Marc's (99 cents a bunch) and glitter hearts from a garage sale a couple of years back.
The place settings may seem familiar because I was inspired by Susan's Post from February sixth, 2012.   That is the table that brought me to an epiphany moment in my life.  Ever since I laid eyes on Susan's VDay table tablescape  I knew I had to create tablescapes too.   Link to Susan's Post  Candlelit and Romantic

 My romantic tablescape
 If you remove the heart shaped cookies,  The heart decorated napkin sheath,  and the hearts in the centerpiece this is really an all occasion table. It really does not scream valentines day at all.

The cookies were bought at Big Lots last year (I froze them to keep for this year) the heart napkins are from Marc's three for 99 cents (I love that store) Ruffled napkins are being closed out at Pier 1 right now.  If you want to buy the ruffled napkins from Pier 1 be prepared to spend a lot of time trimming loose threads off,  the quality is not the greatest,  even at their closeout price I had to think really hard about buying them.

The Players:
Salad plate is marked Seltmann Weiden Bavaria W. Germany
The mixed pattern dinner plates

The key to my heart (thrifted of course)
Thrifted stemware.  The flatware is from Tuesday Morning sidewalk sale.

I am pretty well exhausted after running up and down the stairs (I don't really run I kind of hang onto the railing and ascend and descend very slowly clutching my treasures in one arm)

Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!!!
I hope you have plenty of time to play no matter what (or who) it is you want to play with.

Remember to thrift on ladies, thrift on.

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  1. You have set three of the most lovely and creative tables. Your dishware is magnificent! I have never seen anything like those card theme plates as in your first tablescape. I love them! What creative and talented designs you do. Valerie Roberts (

  2. You are amazing, Candy...three tables in one day! They are all beautiful, but I was really drawn to the blue and white one...gorgeous! I really like the red and black with the cute face card plates, too. I really like all the red transferware plates in the last table. Red and brown are the two colors I need to start collecting!
    Enjoy the rest of the more tablescapes until next week!

  3. OH my - where to start. I love love love the Valentines's theme with the playing card dishes - no - I love love love the blue and white Valentine's theme - noooo - I love the pink one - ok - they all are my favorites. I like the way you did the cupcakes in the individual cloches - where ever did you find those? The sponge painted glasses are darling - was waiting to see how you would use them.

    I have the same transfer ware Pink Willow - I can set a table for 6 or 8 with it - and lots of accessories - it is one of my favorites.

    Your walls of plates are amazing - each one pretty as can be. I just can't imagine how much time it took you to get all those dishes out and then put back, but I'm so glad you did. Your tables are always so wonderful and creative.

  4. good heavens Candy, your energy knows no bounds! And your stash of dishes is quite vast! Wowza! I love them all! The blue and white table is quite brave and so successful! You and your family can celebrate Valentine's day for weeks with all your beautiful things, tablescapes and ideas! Again, WOW!

  5. Three gorgeous Valentine tables! You have amazing dishes and such lovely ideas to go along with them. Loved them all!

  6. The Queen of Thrift strikes again...and again...and again!!! Wow! Where on earth did you find the strength to do all these tables?!???!! You paid so much attention to details for each one, and you really did a great job with the backdrop for each, too. My goodness gracious, woman!!! You deserve to sit back this Valentine's weekend and just enjoy the fruits of your incredible labor!!!

    I wish I could get to Pier 1 right now!!! Doggone it! I could use those lace trimmed napkins for a wedding shower later this year. If I send Ramon to get them.....oh, I don't even wanna think about the catastrophe THAT would be!!! :-)

    Great job three times over, Candy!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  7. I love all of your table settings and vignettes...they are wonderful. Those card plates are great! Your blue and white collection is amazing and it looks stunning.

  8. Oh, Candy, be still my heart! What a wonderful post! All those tables in one!! You have done an amazing job with each table. I am astounded by your dish collection!! I could never choose which table I like best: all the details are wonderful. You've outdone yourself with this outstanding effort. I want to come over and spend a day drooling over all you wonderful colors and patterns! What a treat!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. So fun to see the "process" you took to create all of these fabulous tablescapes! You've really shown how all of us tablescapers like to "try this and that" as we play with our dishes. I think my fave t'scape is the blue & white one just because it is an unexpected colour choice for V's Day. I especially love the white heart shaped plates on the shelf - so pretty! Oh and I also like those lacy white chargers...oh, and those beautiful cobalt pieces...oh, and the lovely napkin rings with little hearts....oh...everything!

  10. Wow! Where, oh where, do you get that amazing energy, Candy?! Up and down stairs, albeit carefully clutching your treasures, is exhausting just visualizing it! These are all beautifully arranged Valentine tablescapes, but if I had to choose a favourite, it would be the blue and white for its lacy, romantic elegance, which is a bit of a surprise for this red and white fanatic! Your Rachel Ray inspired dinner looks scrumptious; the sweetness of those roasted veggies baked with the pork chops is mouthwatering!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


  11. Candy, you certainly have a knack for finding incredible pieces! I adore those card plates, they are such fun! I love all the blue and white transferware, beautiful! each table is a stunner! You had so much fun playing, thank you for inviting us in, it is such fun to watch!

  12. OK Candy I am so at a loss for words. how can you ever find this many treasures while thrifting? It must be where you live because all the thrift stores I ever shop in neve have what you have. how vast and big is your collections? boy do I want to come and play at your house.Susie

  13. Candy please email me I haven't heard from you in ages.Susie

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