Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sunny Yellow and Blue Tablescape

A few weeks back I was Visiting Susie's Cake Plates and Other Treasures and loving the blue and yellow tablescape that she had posted.  A blue and yellow tablescape can always make my eyes sparkle especially when I had been thinking of a sunny blue and yellow tablescape too.  By coincidence I had placed a very bright tablecloth in a bold yellow and cobalt blue onto the breakfast table the day before reading Susie's post.  I was inspired to get into gear and get this tablescape done.  After digging around in the garage a set of yellowish charger plates were found along with a set of golden yellow handled flatware.  A set of sunflower plates, some cheerful spring like glassware and a few cobalt blue accent pieces were dug out of the back of the cabinets and the boxes stored under the stairs and in the garage.  It took a couple of days to pull together but the result was worth it.


Yellow flower shape charger plates
by Furio.

Happy sunflower plates by Farberware
Tablecloth by Poupees Yolande

Pretty floral stemware, maker unknown.

The yellow flatware was bought new at Marc's (our local closeout store).
The cut flowers were bought at the supermarket.
Everything else was thrifted.

Have a wonderful week!

I will be sharing at:
Susan's Tablescape Thursday


  1. Candy I LOVE you thank you for mentioning me and my table and my site. your table far exceeds mine. I wish I had sunshine coming into my apt it would so brighten every thing up. you mean you got those chargers at a thrift store too? boy do I want to go shopping with you. this table is PURE DELIGHT.Have missed you and you blogs greatly. welcome back dear friend.Love Susie

    1. Oh Susie! Your table brightened my day and made me smile!

      The sun coming through my family room windows brightens the kitchen table and literally makes the table glow.

  2. Soooooooo cheery - love the colors. I say it was definitely worth the digging around you did to gather it all up. (easy for me to say). I love the bright blue with the sunflowers. Everything just sparkles - springtime for sure!

    1. The colors of the table are really brilliant in the morning sun.

  3. Wow Candy! This is such a bright and happy table! Love the bold cobalt with sunflower yellow! How many wonderful things you've found that go together so perfectly! It's very fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous, bright colors on a table make me so happy! I love this cheery table. The plates and tablecloth were made for each other.
    Let's hope that spring really is just around the corner...looking at brown grass is so depressing!
    Have a great weekend, Candy.

  5. Yowza, Candy, I LOVE this tablescape! The colors are so vibrant. Everything: from your tablecloth to those beautiful chargers, lovely floral plates, perfect stemware and gorgeous sunflower centerpiece make this table perfect for spring, or any other time of year when a cheerful table is needed. Thank you for sharing this!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  6. Beautiful Candy! I love the vibrant colors. The sunflowers are my favorites. They can be used in so many themes. Love the dishes! Some of the best patterns in dishes come from Indonesia. I did something similar, but used cobalt blue and yellow with lemons. Bring on the Spring weather! Your tablescape surely energizes me for Spring and Summer and outdoor picnics! Great tablescape!

  7. Just gorgeous...making me long for the Summertime! Thank you for sharing.

  8. So dramatic Candy. Reminds me of France with those colors. This is a gorgeous table. Happy Spring.

  9. It is great to see this Sunny Yellow and Blue Tablescape. And the way you decorate this with the same centerpiece is awesome. I liked it. thanks for sharing such a great idea.