Monday, August 10, 2015

DIY Seashell Encrusted Candlestick Tutorial

My Pinterest obsession has kept me very busy lately.  Not only do I find myself compulsively pinning but actually trying to create copycats of the items that are really striking my fancy.  The candlestick shown below is the product of one of my endeavors.  I am very pleased that they came out nicely.  I am also proud to report I only burned myself once with the hot glue gun and that the burn barely hurt at all. Wahoo!!!
seashell candle sticks, DIY, tutorial
I started with two large and and two medium candle holders from Walmart, all four
were purchased at thrift stores (one set over a year ago and one set this spring).
I had already painted one of each size last year.  

   I took both sets outside and painted the wood finish with three coats of Rust-oleum's  
Paint Plus 2X ultra Cover in Heirloom White in the Satin finish. I freshened the candle holders that had already been repainted with another light coat of the same color.

 I let them dry several hours outside before bringing them into the house.  They sat on the mantle over a week to let the paint cure a bit before I started gluing shells onto the freshly painted surface.
I gathered up the shells that I had been collecting from the thrift stores for several years.
And set them on my kitchen island so that I could sort them by size and shape.
 I also had bought a couple of bags of small shells from Marc's for just $1.49 per bag.
Love that Marc's close out section.
 With the hot glue gun warmed up and an assortment of makeshift tools
 I glued a few shells at a time in tandem to the candle holders. 
 Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial
 I started at the bottom with just a couple of shells
 As I finished each section on each candle holder I would
set it aside to let the glue harden and set up.
 Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial
  I added shells from left to right and building upward while matching the shells as best as I 
could on each of the holders as I went along. When I was about thirty percent done
 I set them aside for twenty minutes so they could set up.
(while I started dinner)
Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial

 As I progressed with the gluing I would compare the holders to each other to make
sure that the pattern was staying consistent on all of them.
Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial
Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial

 When I was about two thirds of the way up with the shells on the candle holders
I switched to the top row and started filing the open space
between the top row and the bottom two thirds
 of the candle holders.
  Right about then my back started to hurt.  I set up a TV tray between the island and the kitchen 
counter so I could sit down to finish gluing the shells.
 Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial
Once the shells were all in place I started placing tiny shells into any small
empty gaps between the shells.
Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial
Easy Peasy!
Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial
Seashell encrusted candle holders - Plum Creek Place DIY Tutorial
 Here is a sneak peak of my tablescape for Thursday.
I am celebrating my second blog anniversary this month by sharing a set of fall tablescaping linens from Park Designs.  The pattern is called Indian Summer and includes a 60" x 84" tablecloth, and a set of napkins. If you are one of my followers (on Google plus or Blogger) and leave a comment on this post or on my "Seashells and Roses" tablescape coming up on Thursday August 13, 2015 (that I will be sharing at Susan's "Tablescape Thursday") you will be in on the drawing.  The lucky person (aka winner) who's name is drawn will be announced at my post for August 20th, 2015

Tablecloth description: 
Park Designs Indian Summer Collection, Windowpane checks are complimented with bands of chocolate and tan with pinwheel corners. The Indian Summer 60 x 84 Tablecloth is a lovely year-round table covering.
Remember to thrift on ladies, thrift on!

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  1. What a great idea for ugly candle holders...make them beautiful with shells! You made sure they matched? certainly pay attention to detail. That project must have taken oodles of shells. I can't wait to see the table.
    Have a great week, Candy.

  2. Well, that was fun. Loved the tutorial and the finished candlesticks. I'd have to build a new room - or buy a bigger house, if I start many more projects - but these are so pretty. Can't wait to see the new table setting.

  3. I can't believe you got those great candlesticks at Walmart Candy!!! super wow, just love how they turned out!

  4. I love what you have done here! What a great idea. I am a beach-y type of person, too, even though I live in a landlocked state. It never would have occurred to me to shop for candlesticks at Wal-Mart, but I am going to have to give that place a serious aisle-by-aisle look the next time I'm there.

  5. Thank you Patti, The Walmart candle holders were thrifted over the last couple of years, I do not know if Walmart still carries them. You could probably use just about any sturdy wood candle holder as a base for gluing the shells onto and get close to the same effect.

  6. Oh my Candy that is a lot of work gluing all those shells on! It's amazing how much better the candleholders look painted the new color. I like the burlap wrap on the candles too- great ideas! Please enter me for the giveaway!! XO, Liz

  7. Beautiful! The candlesticks are stunning. Thank you for the tutorial. I think I will do this.

  8. I don't have enough shells to this this amazing rhapsody of shells but I'm trying to make your sweet sharing justice.
    Oh and the candlesticks that weren't that amazing but turned up outstanding. You're having free hand with white pain and really working with your creations. I Love the burlap wrappers on the candles.
    I love all about this.

  9. Wow, with just few simple things and few techniques, you have turned a simple clay vase in a beautiful piece of art. The seashells look wonderful.

  10. It surely is beautiful. I wish i had such mastery at any skill that i could exhibit to the world. But your work really inspires me. Thankyou for such wonderful posts.

  11. It really is beautiful. I wish i had such mastery at some skill that i could show to the world like you. But your work is really inspirational. Thankyou for such fabulous posts.