Saturday, January 10, 2015

Got Snow? Winter Snowman Tablescape

If you live in our Southern States you probably have not had much (if any) snow this year but if you live in the Northern States you may have already had enough snow for the whole winter even though there is better than two months of snowy weather to go yet.  We spend most of our evenings in the family room with my husband watching TV while I work on my blog and visit around to other blogs to see what they have been up to.  When I am not out visiting or working on my blog I am usually looking out the patio doors at whatever seasonal decor and plants I have on the patio.  But in the winter there is not much to see except snow,  and there is a lot of snow out there right now.  To make the view more interesting I moved my fairy garden tub by the window to keep it a little closer to the house so that I could see it and to keep it out of most of the high winds and maybe a little warmer.  After I took the China Doll tree out of the fairy garden tub in the fall (and brought it into the house for the winter) I placed a faux pine tree in the container and some ceramic seasonal decor.  As the blizzard from the night before last was piling up around the garden I could not resist adding a couple of Winter Fairies to the scene.  The next morning I could see the sun shining brilliantly on the fairy garden   This is what I saw.............
Got Snow?
The fairies appeared to be enjoying themselves playing in the snow with the snowman that I had placed in the garden with them.

 Do fairies get cabin fever?

 Do they worry if the roof will collapse under the snow load.
Plum Creek Place Winter Fairy Garden
Do they contemplate nature and have lively discussions with snowmen?
Plum Creek Place Winter Fairy Garden
We may never know.............

On to the tablescape - A Winter Snowman Tablescape
Plum Creek Place - Snowmen Winter Tablescape
Dollar store snowflakes are scattered about the table with one placed on each plate.  Vintage snowmen have been gathered together on the table around a centerpiece of white twigs and blue glittered pinecones.  Thrift store napkins are placed in the white snowflake napkin rings that Marigene sent to me before Christmas.
The flatware came from Goodwill.
The plates are marked Life @ Home
 The cups are marked Crofton.
Vintage snowmen were all thrifted except one that I bought on Ebay.
 Clear Dollar Store snowflakes are placed around the centerpiece.

The centerpiece was placed into a frosted snowflake container that came from HomeGoods.
White twigs and blue glittered pinecones were bought at Marc's at 99 cents a bunch.
 One snowman ornament bought at Marc's (two for 50 cents)was set into the arrangement.

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  1. I LOVE your tablescape, Candy; it's just darling! :-D I have some snowmen almost like yours; mine are just the heads because they're wine bottle toppers. I actually used them in my very first tablescape that I ever posted in 2011. I love your fairy garden filled with snow and the fairies have such cute expressions on their faces. :) I also love your plates and your flatware.

    This is a great winter tablescape to start a new year with. Here in North Carolina, we've had snow in the mountains, but not in our area (yet). Take care and stay warm and dry!



  2. The snowmen are so cute - love the blue and white and silver. Perfect for your weather this time of the year. The fairies in the snow are darling. I think they have a great time in the snow talking with all the snow folk out there. Those dishes are wonderful - I have the dark blue with white snowflakes - even though we don't have snow I might do a table with them - and there is a big package of crystal snowflakes that didn't get put into the christmas bins yet and a cute snowman ornament from my cousin - could use those too. I love the blue pinecones, I love anything with glitter on it. Hmmm, what tablecloth shall I use?

    Your blogging evenings sound wonderful - cozy indoors with the snow at the window. Tonight is the Seattle Seahawks playoff game - you can almost hear the entire city yelling each time there is a touchdown. So far they are ahead - but one never knows. (I'm not watching the game but get updates on facebook from frantic fans)

  3. Candy,
    So Pretty!! LOVE those blue pine cones!! So sweet!! Love all the snow men and the fairy garden with snow is adorable!!

    Thanks so much for your visits and kind words!! I truly appreciate you stopping by as often as you do!!


  4. Candy, this is the perfect way to combat the winter blues with cute blues!

    Loved this and all of your special touches.


    Sheila :-)

  5. What a wonderful winter table, Candy. I never even got my snowmen/women out for the holidays this season. I forgot about them until about a day before Christmas. I love the frosted glass ones. Those snowflake rimmed plates are nice as they can be used all winter. The flatware is really pretty, too.
    Did one of the snowmen decide he didn't want to sit on the table so he escaped to the fairy garden?!
    Have a great week.

  6. Such darling snowmen! I love those snowflakes and the cool, soft blue, beautiful!

  7. Oh Candy! This is the perfect January tablescape!! I love everything about it. You have such a wonderful snowman collection. I love all the frosty "Frosties"!!

  8. Beautiful for Winter and I loved your fairies in the snow!

  9. Love your snowy scene Candy! the light blue and the big white flakes are just adorable with your frosty snowmen!

  10. Love, love, love the plates. So clever to put a snowflake on each plate. The snowman centerpiece and blue pine cones make for a perfectly beautiful table!. Stunning!

  11. Candy, how cute the fairy garden looks in the snow. It does look like they are playing in the snow. Your table looks so pretty. Each snowman has it's own personality, and I love all of the blue and white. That flatware is great. I want to shop at your GW store some time. You find the best stuff. laurie

  12. Hi Candy,

    Having collected snowmen and Santas for the longest time, usually on my winter trips to Canada, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post on these adorable guys! They're all so friendly, aren't they, with those sweet and happy smiles? Your plates and cups are very cute, too, as are those transparent snowflakes, which add so much sparkle to your already bright and beautiful snowy scene!

    Happy weekend, my friend!

  13. What a beautiful tablescape! We have no snow here in MS and I just love seeing all your snowfalkes.

  14. Adorable! Aren't blues and snow just perfect? Those snowmen are just the right hint of whimsy.

  15. Love the icy blue color! Its perfect....thanks so much for joining my party each week means so much to me :-)

  16. Terrific Snowman tablescape! Love the blue plates with the snowflake border! You have a great collection of snowmen. Can't believe you found that flatware at the thrift store! I'm pinning a few of your pics!

  17. PS I'm working on a blue & white snowman t'scape too!

  18. First off the fairy garden fairies and snow look so perfect one would think it is all fake. Second my eyes hit those light blue snowflake dishes my heart went pitter patter. I like snowmen too and the tablescape looks so refreshing like the glimmer of first snow on a sunny day. Have to go pin this now for the world to see.

  19. The fairies look so cute with the snow all around them! I put all of mine away in the garage. What state do you live in? We're having a moderate winter so far (for us). I'm enjoying just knowing its a fraction of what we dealt with last year! Your table looks so cute with the snowflakes and snowmen! Love the color of blue in the plates.

  20. Such creativity and effort put into your beautiful table. Thanks for sharing. Beth

    1. Thank you Beth, I am so glad that you stopped by to see my happy little snowmen. I did love putting this table together. Snowmen are so much fun.

  21. Love this table...can't imagine seeing actual snowdrifts. I'm sure it's lovely and you've highlighted it beautifully!

  22. Candy this tablescpae was magnificent I could hear your fairies whispering to each other and your snowmen are calling out to come and sit at this beautiful table where did you get the snow plates are they the ones your sons bought you? such a wonderful table how do you do it?Susie

  23. Thank you Suzie! The snowflake plates came from the VOA a while back for ninety cents each. I am always looking for thrifty things that will fit into a tablescape that I have in mind.

  24. What a cute table, I love it! You have such cute things for tables!!

  25. Your tabletops are spectacular and inspiring. I'm so happy that someone like you has a blog and likes to share the beauty you create in your home.

  26. Flatware from Goodwill? Are you kidding me? My similar set from WalMart isn't nearly so detailed and probably cost much more. You have a great find there...and thrifted snowmen, too. The clear snowflakes give an icy feel, which is perfect for the after-snow-melt-freeze action. I love the addition of white snowflakes on those adorable snowflake plates. It's beautiful in your winter wonderland! Oh, and the fairies look amazing in the snow. :-)

  27. Candy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Your visits always bring a smile to my face.....

  28. I really like your color schemes, your decorating style - I wish you were here to help me with my valentine decorating....