Friday, October 31, 2014

Purple and Orange Haloween Tablescape

Happy Halloween!

I have been busy patching nail holes and painting the walls in my living room.  It is a slow process at my age.   The house is quite a mess at this point in time with paint rollers, patching compound, sanders,  hammers, nails, screwdrivers, and what all else lying around.  I pushed around some of the dust from sanding the patching compound as best as I felt like doing because I wanted to take the time to set a table for Halloween for tonight.  It is a relatively simple and very thrifty Halloween tablescape.  I went with purple, orange, and black.  The purple plates that I used earlier this month worked out nicely with the orange and black napkins.
 Two napkins were folded together to make a fold to slip the spiders wire stem into. A purple spider bowl sits next to each plate. Perfect for a bowl of tomato soup to go with a warm grilled cheese sandwich for the kids before they leave to go Trick-or-treating.
Little cheese cloth ghosts decorate the table as well as several Halloween owls.

The shelves have several new occupants.  The bottom shelf has two red eyed owls residing smack in the middle of the shelf.
A witch has taken up residence on the shelf above the owls.  She seems quite happy to sit on her broom and wile away the hours cackling at the bats that have moved in above and below her.

Benjamin Bat has the upper bunk.  He stays amused with the endless chatter of the wise old owls.  Harry the furry bat has the lower bunk,  he is not amused at all.   

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

Living room review:

One wall at a time, slowly but surely it will be done.

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  1. Ohhhhh so wonderful. I love the whole thing - the napkin and the spider - the nifty ghost - but mostly the spider dishes and little owl plates. The grandsons would love their soup in those fun bowls. I have some scarecrow plates they love to use.

    1. The purple spider bowls came from Marc's early in September. I just love that store!

  2. As usual you did a magnificent table on the rush. everything looks wonderful love the candles with the orange and black leaves in them.Did you make the the ghosts or buy them? I remember making them with my boys when they were little. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? are you hosting the big spread this year? I have to work and literally have no one coming for dinner at all very quiet year.Susie

    1. The ghosts in this post were bought. I used to make them out of cheesecloth when my boys were little too, now I just go ahead and buy them when I see them.

  3. Very cute Candy! Did you make the cheesecloth ghosts? I love those!! Love the way you did your cute napkin too!

    1. Those cute little beaded spiders tucked into the napkins were another one of my Marc's finds. I have to stick to the easy napkin folds. The complicated ones don't seem to come out well for me.

  4. I love the use of purple in your Halloween decor! It is unusual and unexpected but works really well.

  5. Hi Candy,

    Your purple and orange Halloween tablescape is filled with some wonderful characters! I love owls, and yours are TOO cute! The cheese cloth ghost is very smart - so creative! How festive those black and orange napkins look folded together, and witch, to me, looks more friendly than she does frightening, which also makes her very welcoming. You have such a wonderful imagination, my friend!

    Happy November!


  6. Terrific Halloween t'scape! Love the ghosts at each place setting and the purple bowls are great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments on my Christmas Inspiration post. It means a lot to me to know that I've inspired someone to try to create a t'scape based on what I've done. Thanks for asking and of course, I'd be honoured if you refer to one of my tables as your inspiration. I'm glad I hopped over here too as I see you have a lot of wonderful tables of your own for me to browse through!