Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Deep Purple And Golden Copper Hued Fall Tablescape.

I have been collecting a variety of gold, bronze and copper items to create a fall tablescape all year.  When Cuisine Kathleen issued a challenge to create a Fall tablescape using purple (but no orange) tablescape I thought it would be easy to substitute purple for the teal color I had originally planned.  I found out that purple is very hard to capture in it's true colors on a photograph.  After three days of fooling around to try and get the pictures to look reasonably like they should I finally managed to get some early morning sunlit pictures.  There is a bit of a glare in some pictures but they did show more of their true colors.
The base is a tablecloth from a semi-sheer crinkled curtain panel that has metallic threads of gold to bronze running through subtle stripes of autumn colors that is layered over a deep purple tablecloth.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
Pretty bubble glass deep purple water goblets and the etched glass grape wine glasses were thrift store purchases.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.

Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The woven fall design napkin is overlayed with a sheer copper fabric with golden leaves embossed onto the fabric. This pretty fall sheer was wrapped around bouquets of Thanksgiving flowers last year at a local grocery store.  I bought three bouquets after they were marked down to five dollars per bouquet of a dozen long stem red roses after the holiday.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
 The fall brocade napkins and deep purple and gold napkin rings were thrifted a while back.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The stack layers of various textures of dinnerware in fall colors.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
 A small cluster of green grapes was placed in a clear purple figural grape bowl to add some contrast to the dark colors.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.

Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
I think the gold salad plate is a pressed depression glass.  But I could be wrong about that.  I just think they are pretty.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The purple plates came from HomeGoods last winter (they had been marked down after Christmas).  I used them in my Mardi Gras Tablescape that you can see here:  My Imitation Mardi Gras Mask Tablescape.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
The amber and gold mosaic tiled chargers came from Pier 1 bought late in the winter this year.  They were marked down from the previous Fall's leftover stock.  Yep,  I left the price tag on, they were $4.18 each.  They have some again this year which you can find here:  Amber-Gold-Mosaic-Charger   The price has gone up a bit for this year.
The flatware was an Ebay buy.

The centerpiece is a simple arrangement of three decorative candle sticks with green pears set upon them instead of candles.  I did have candles on them, but the candles were orange.  So I decided to go with the pears instead.
Plumcreek Place - Purple, gold, bronze, and copper Fall tablescape.
You can see the orange candles here from one of the pictures from the day before I took the pictures with the pears.
They have some again this year which you can find here Amber-Gold-Mosaic-Charger  The price has gone up a bit for this year.
I had a purple vase, and a bronze pumpkin on the table while I was playing with what to use for the centerpiece in the following pictures.
The whole table took on an orange glow.  So I promptly removed the candles and the pumpkin and started over again.
Copper leaves cut from an old metal wall decoration are scattered across the table in the following pictures.  Sweet hubby used a nipper to cut the wire stems.
You can see the orchid in the window that one of my son's bought me for my birthday.
The purple sherberts were thrifted a long time ago.
The gold and red candle holders were thrift store purchases too.
The beaded place mats say made in India for Wall Mart on the back, I bought eight of them at the VOA Thrift Store for one dollar each. 

The little brown birds are from Marc's (my favorite close out store).
The sun was coming in at an angle that lit the whole table up in the morning.
Just the pear and the grapes were touched by the suns rays in this picture.

There you have my Deep Purple and Golden Copper Hued Fall Tablescape.  There were a few retail purchases for this table but other than the chargers and the dinner plates (both of which were bought at close out prices) and the pears & brown birds that were bought at Marc's, and the Ebay flatware the rest of  the
table was thrifted.

Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I do so much enjoy your visits and comments that you might leave.  Just remember to thrift on ladies,  thrift on.

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  1. What a lovely, elegant table...such a classy way to use purple. Those mosaic chargers are beautiful...and I love your stemware. A+ for meeting the challenge in a most excellent way!

  2. What a gorgeous and rich tablescape. You used all the beautiful colors of royalty. Especially love the stemware and tall layers of plates. Yup, that purple was difficult to photograph for me too. :)

  3. I love the tablescape and absolutely love the purple, a color I keep trying to add to my tablescapes...such a beautiful table, I love the way you mixed all the colors, so dramatic and wonderful...

  4. Very pretty Candy. It is so full of Fall colors. The purple flatware is striking. Love the thrifting you did to make a gorgeous tablescape.

  5. I love the deep purple dinner plates here and the way you stacked the gorgeous colors of your plates and that beaded place mat is awesome. I fell in love with those here at a pretty store, but took too long and when I finally decided on buying them they had two left!
    The flatware is perfect, it brings it all together. You met the challenge beautifully!

  6. What a gorgeous table! You have a wonderful array of purple dishes. Love everything you added to this tablescape!


  7. What a beautiful table, Candy! I really like all the copper hues with purple. You say the tablecloth is a curtain panel, but no one would have guessed that. The tiled chargers are perfect for an autumn table, especially with the stack of plates you have put together.
    Every once in awhile I find the bubble glass stems, but never in purple...I would have snatched them up so fast! I ♥ the wine stems, too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Ohhh so pretty. The plates, chargers and place mats are just perfect. The pears really change the whole look of the table - I love how they light it up. Your napkins are perfect - I forget to use several layers for napkins - I might need to make myself a list. Everything is so elegant and looks like it is set for a royal dinner. Oh - and the glasses - so wonderful.

  9. Oh boy Candy I want to come to your town for some serious thrifting I have never ever seen at my GW and we have four in a ten mile radius anything like you get. there have never been amethyst colored glassware nor purple plates nor stunning masks or any of the other treasures you have on this table. I thrift on average three to four times a week and never have found these items. you have an amazing gift,talent for creating such stunningly beautiful tables week after week. where do you store everything? since you are now retired maybe you should do this as your next profession because you are so good at doing this.Susie

  10. I applaud your efforts to get the lighting the way you wanted it. I struggled with lighting too - and I still didn't get what I wanted. Your table is beautiful- I love the shimmer from the table dressing and all the pretty glass pieces! Purple is one color I don't own much of so I had to find a different way to get it in my tablescape. This one was hard especially when trying to do a fall tablescape and not use any orange! I didn't feel I had the room for charges but I do have some similar to yours from Pier 1 that would've made a nice contrast with the purple! You did a beautiful job on your purple table!

  11. Oh, Candy, you have outdone yourself with this exquisite table. I don't know where to start: it is all so very lovely. Your dish stack is spectacular (I had no idea Pier One could have such outstanding bargains! LOVE those chargers!) Your centerpiece is perfect; love your flatware: honestly, the whole effect of this table screams "fall" and elegance. How creative to take a wall decoration apart and scatter the leaves throughout the table: one of my favorite parts of the tablescape. Bravo for a job excellently done! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  12. OH so pretty in purple Candy! I love the Pier 1 chargers you scored on sale! AND the purple flatware! It is all really gorgeous~ I think purple is definitely the new "orange" for fall!

  13. BEAUTIFUL table, Candy! The golds and purples make it so elegant. I'm surprised how the centerpiece changed the overall tone of the table. When you replaced the orange candles and pumpkin with the green pears, the setting took on a different mood. Very lovely!!

  14. Beautifully done! I am in AWE that you found those beautiful water goblets at a local thrift!!! What an incredible eye you have! I am so glad you are participating in the challenge! Even though turquoise is one of my favorite colors I really don't think it would've come out so beautifully....the table looks quite regal. Pinning right away!! :)

  15. Candy, Candy, were so patient and waited to get just the right light for your photos, and it paid off! Beautiful! You captured a lot of really great images!

    I remember seeing those chargers at Pier 1, but there weren't any left that made it down to that great price here!!! What a bargain!

    You skirted the whole "no orange" thing quite nicely by using copper. It works really well with the deep shade of purple...brightens it all up!

    I love all the rich layers of this tablescape. It's very lush and luxurious...just the way we think fall SHOULD be! You captured the essence of the season in all its glory!

  16. Candy,
    I love your use of purple combined with the copper and gold!!!
    Your purple bubble glass goblets are gorgeous!!!
    My favorite pieces are the Maple leaves cut from copper. . .stunning and unique!!!
    Thank you for sharing this elegantly styled deep purple and golden copper hued Tablescape!!!

  17. You know what?! I love your tablescape and the pear addition is perfect. It somehow toned down the earthy look and colors.
    The same way a Pear will do so after a spiced and rich meal.
    Well done. Love it!

  18. Candy, this is so rich and regal looking! What a lovely mix of jewel tones with purple. Love the purple flatware too! Beautiful! Thanks so much for taking the challenge.

  19. How beautiful!
    I love the colors and I have used sheer curtain panels before on tables.

    We are kindred spirits!

    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  20. Candy!! OMG!!
    Stunning!! From the stemware to the depression glass ( yes, that is what those salad plates are ) to the gold mosaic tiled charger plates!!!!
    Drop dead gorgeous especially with that touch of purple!!
    You have out done yourself with this incredibly elegant tablescape!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  21. The pears are the perfect 'mediator' in this deep purple and golden copper tablescape, as they neutralize the other two, just enough to refresh the colour scheme, but in a calm and harmonious way. Lots of details here, Candy, in the colours, textures, shapes and placement of things - just lovely!