Sunday, June 8, 2014

Red, White, and Mostly Blue Tablescape

My goodness it is well into June already.  I have been on a little blog vacation while I have been cleaning up from the water that found it's way into my garage during the flooding in our area last month.  I had already been packing up from Easter and packing glassware from the china cabinets after one of the glass shelves scared the bejeebies out of me when it just snapped in two.  As luck would have it,  I had just stacked plates for tablescapes on the wood shelf beneath to within an inch of the bottom of shelf that broke.  The crystal on the shelf slid together and the plates rolled in their track to meet in the middle where the break was resting on the plates beneath. A close call,  and very scary for what might have been.  Consequently I lightened the load on all of the shelves from both of my twin dining cabinets.  We will have new flooring installed in a month or two and I had wanted to get everything packed up from all three china cabinets and the buffet to it get  moved to the garage that week. Well that did not happen because now I am afraid to store much out there that is not at least a foot off of the ground!

I did take the time yesterday to move the boxes in the dining room out the way so I could set a summer table for today (just don't look to close at the reflections in the mirrors).  The tablescape evolved from yesterday's dinner table to the table we used for dinner today.  So I will post phase one today and save phase two for another day.  First I would like to share a few pictures from our Memorial Day cookout that my son Richard took before dinner.

Red, white, and blue are my favorite colors for all of our cookouts in June and July.  I used four yards of material that was folded in half  lengthwise and laid down the middle of the table as a runner.  My little red Valentine's Day buckets with geraniums and flags,  along with one red lantern in the middle of the table serve as the centerpiece. My summer everyday cobalt blue dinner plates and my red summer salad plates along with red  plastic handled flatware and serving pieces complete the Memorial Day table setting.

Baked beans,  pasta salad, coleslaw, steaks grilled on the barbie, and strawberry shortcake for desert. YUM!  My son takes great food pictures.  Thanks Rick!
All simple, easy peasy.

The Mostly Blue,  Red,  White, and Blue Table setting started with a six yard piece of denim like material that I found at Goodwill.  Material is usually one dollar a yard and with my thirty-five percent off coupon it was very easy on the pocket (I also bought six yards of the same fabric in red at the same time, which I will use later for another table).  I cut off three yards and frayed the ends for an attractive finished edge.
 The denim material has a subtle square pattern, kind of like quilt blocks sewn together but they are actually a part of the weave in the fabric.  The Studio Nova salad plates are the inspiration for this table.

They will soon be making the journey across this great country (via the USPS) to reside at my friend JoAnn's house.  JoAnn blogs at "Scene Through My Eyes",  she always amazes me with her beautiful photography. Serendipitously JoAnn had mentioned a couple of weeks back that she had been looking for this pattern to add to the set she has been using for her family's summer gatherings. Imagine my surprise when I checked out the link to this pattern and realized it was the very same pattern that I had just bought at Goodwill  (in like new condition) and had left in the garage still wrapped in newspaper until I needed them.  These little cuties will be on their way to their new home very soon.  They certainly helped make a lovely series of tablescapes for me and I will look forward to seeing them in more tablescapes in the future.

 The dinner plates were bought at closeout at the HomeGoods store after Christmas this year (three dollars each). I think the name is Circa, but I am not sure that could be an O and not a C.
The charger is a dark navy blue color.  The chargers came from Goodwill as did the napkins and placemats. I did play with the table arrangement for awhile before dinner, the following pictures show some of the changes I made. The light blue bowls and some of the red disappeared.

Not a drastic difference,  just enough to change the mood slightly.
You can see the stacked plates in the cabinets that saved my blue crystal and yellow plates.
You can see the pattern in the tablecloth better in this picture.  I love the way the patterns mix and match between the plates, the napkins, the covered tea cups, the flower pots, and the vase. Tablescaping is so much fun when everything comes together after years of finding a little of this here and a little bit of that there.
Usually the I will keep the table setting for a week or two before changing for the season, or a holiday, or a party of some sort or another.  But I am thinking of red. I am thinking that I will incorporate some of my odds and ends of red items and see how I can make them work in different tablescapes over the next few weeks.  Red just makes a picture "pop".

See what I mean?

 Have a Great Week!!.  Thrift on ladies,  thrift on.

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  1. Both tables are fab, but I especially love the use of denim as a tablecloth!! Summer perfect. Thanks for sharing...sorry you had a flood, that's no fun. :(

  2. The denim is my favorite part of this table too.

  3. Ohhh what happy tables. I am blown away! And of course I especially like the one with the blue checked dishes that you are sending to me. I love how you put the pop of red in with the blue - changes the whole look of the setting. Those star shaped bowls are especially great in the first table setting - I have some white ones - haven't used them yet - but I surely will. I love your menu too - makes me want to whip up a barbecue.

    We have baked beans a lot in the winter - but in the summer I like them for picnics too - so to keep the house from getting too hot from baking, I put them in the crock pot and plug it in out on the deck - my neighbors stop by and want to know what is going on - time for a party!

    The blue glasses are so neat too - I had a chance at some this past weekend - but they were about 2.50 or 3.00 each and I decided to wait for something cheaper to come along. There will always be more someplace.

    Your tablecloth ideas are so wonderful - I need to add to my tablecloths this summer - GoodWill here I come.!!!

  4. The food in the first setting looks great and your son does take good pics. The blue setting is beautiful I love the buffalo check plate and dark blue water goblets. You are right about the red it is a great color and does make things pop.

  5. I just know the sound of that breaking shelf had to take a lot out of you! That is one of the worst sounds in the world when a shelf with so much just gives way!!! You got super lucky, lady!!!

    The food in these pictures looks fantastic! I would love to sit down to a feast with all of this scrumptious food!!! Rick did a wonderful job of bringing the food to life for us! The steaks look like heaven on earth!!!

    You did a wonderful job with the tablescape in its red, white and blue glory! That little truck is the cutest!

    You really get out there and find some great stuff in the thrift stores! I have been going a lot more often and am starting to find a few things here and there. Found a wonderful Martha Stewart Living indoor/outdoor table last week. I still have to paint it white (it's in pristine condition but black) so that it matches our current wrought iron furniture.

    Love the way the red makes all the table that much more vivid!!!

    Welcome back, and I hope you're able to get it together after the close call!!!

  6. Lovely! Your tablecloth turned out great, and I love the blue with the pops of red. So pretty and perfect for this time of year.

  7. Very pretty..Colourful and perfect for summer setting...:):)

  8. Love, love, love these tables!! I'm going to start looking for denim as a summer table cover!! Glad your clean up went well: what a tablescaper's nightmare!! Enjoy your weekend! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. I am crushing on the all blue; vases and so adorable covered tea cups and tablecloth. The pops of red like the special lantern and star dish are wonderful. Like the truck at the end. I have to share and pin this for the world to see.

  10. I haven't seen covered tea cups since I was in Italy last fall. I like the patriotic table runner and the theme carried through with star shaped serving pieces. The plaid tablescape - you could use it for July 4th as well as all summer long. Nice ideas. I'm popping over from Meet the Neighbors.

  11. I loved the denim fabric -- made me think about making a runner with those unfinished edge squares out of old jeans. It's a love/hate relationship with those of us who love our things; they cause us a lot of work (as you have described with your shelf and moving all of your pretties), but they also cause us joy and build friendships. Lovely table and interesting post! P.S. I like it better without the light blue.

  12. Loving the blue fabric and both sets of blue dishes! All very pretty!

  13. Beautiful tablescapes and you were sure lucky on the shelf giving way. I always love seeing red, white and blue tablescapes. I must say the blue vase with white flowers stole my hearts, it's gorgeous.

  14. Candy, both tables are great, but think I am in the minority as my favorite is the blue and white with just the 2 geraniums. I ♥ the blue flatware, I don't have blue or red in my arsenal!
    I bet you about had heart failure when the shelving gave way...I know I would.
    Have a great week...

  15. Both tables are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! You are one of the features today at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to this week's party. Hope to see you again at the little blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. Oh my goodness!

    The blue plates are wonderful and then to pair them with the blue and white checks - perfect!

  17. So glad to have found your blog! I just love the blue and white setting with the pops of red and the lush white centerpiece. I've been thinking about July 4th and how to do it without looking hokey. You did such an elegant job!!

  18. OMG Candy, your 4th. of July tablescape is amazing and stunning! I love EVERYTHING about it! The layers of dishes are wonderful! Beautiful!
    Have a great week.

  19. I meant---both tables are everything I mentioned above!

  20. love them both and all the 4th memorabilia what great finds