Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dragonflies in Purple Sunday Sunshine Brunch.

Last week my son and his lovely wife came to visit for a few days.  They had come home to attend a friends wedding over the weekend.  I had been planning this brunch tablescape for months.  It started when I found six purple World Market dragonfly dinner plates and six salad plates at our local Goodwill.  My daughter in law, Zhenia loves dragonflies.  I knew she would love these plates.  I found two sheer purple table scarves and a set of purple velour napkins a week or two later.  It was like serendipity bringing all of the pieces together for a beautiful breakfast table. 

Purple and White Fall Tablescape

The pierced charger and accent plates were a garage sale find from last summer. The purple sherbert stems and the napkin rings were a Goodwill find from several years ago. All of the swans are thrift store or garage sale finds.

Purple and White Fall Tablescape
The purple wine glasses came from Home Goods last week.  I held off buying them to the last minute in hopes of finding some at Goodwill or the VOA.  But I am very pleased with my HG purchase.Purple and White Fall Tablescape
The white Argent flatware came from Tuesday Morning a while back.  They had been marked down for a sidewalk sale.  The silver gray tablecloth came from our local Marc's store.  Love that Marc's!!
The bouquet of lilies, white tulips, and purple mums came from the grocery store. The green and lavender checked runner was also a recent Goodwill find.
Purple and White Fall Tablescape

The shelves and buffet are make shift items that were damaged and marked down when I bought them. The buffet started it's life with a lovely beech finish.  Which unfortunately suffered some severe scratches on the show room floor at Big Lots (the label inside the drawer does say Pier 1). The shelves got banged around at Marshall's and were marked down when the finish was ruined with gouges and scratches.  I remade the shelves so my cats would not be able to jump up onto them and bring them down from their flimsy keyhole hangers.  I added 1/4" x 4" by 48" boards screwed and glued to the back of the shelves and then I attached them into the studs with 2 1/2 inch screws..  Everything was spray painted with several coats of black paint.  I was very happy with the final product.  All in all the total tab was well under $100.00!

Fall artwork has been added to the shelves along with the little woodland creatures, fall leaves and gourds, and fall candle holders.

I will be posting again for the weekend with some of my fall projects.  Please come back and visit for a while,  I would really enjoy that. Stay safe, and stay happy! See you soon!

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  1. Stunning!!!! I always read your blog first when there are blogs on my list to read. I am blown away with those lovely white plates and the dragonflies, and the glasses - oh everything is so fabulous. What did you serve for brunch? I imagine it was delicious as well as beautiful. Do I see individual pumpkin tureens in the background? I love all of your dishes. Sigh!

  2. Wow...those dragonfly plates were a great find! Your son and daughter in-law must have been so impressed with the fuss that you made. Thanks for stopping by to see my FAKE chargers....I am following you on G+, now!

    1. I am going to try my hand at making a few "fake" chargers. It seems I never have enough of any one particular pattern to do a tablescape for more than four settings. I love when my son and DIL are here to visit. It gives me a reason to fuss and make a special occasion (it is so much more fun when there in someone here to appreciate the efforts).

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  4. Candy, what a sweet and charming table you have set, among a warm and cozy room, full of fall's bountiful edibles and adorable woodland creatures! Your dragonfly dinner plates, lacy, white complements and glassware are very pretty! What a lovely brunch atmosphere for an autumn day!


  5. Thank you Poppy, This is my favorite time of the year for decorating. I naturally gravitate to all of the beautiful colors of fall. It is so satisfying to see all of the warmth of the golds and oranges combined with the deep reds and browns.

  6. Oh, this is just so wonderful....I love the richly regal pairing of purple and green.....the deep tones of them here....and I love your thrifty finds as always....great job....and I love your autumnal flourishes throughout the room, too! I'm sure that your son and daughter-in-law loved it!


  7. So so Lovely!
    I love the colors and the whimsy it evokes.
    I like Autumn very much when even the colors we like seem to invite to quitedness and warmth.
    I love that charger and I hope to see it soon in one of your other creations.
    Your inspiration is very much appreciated.

  8. Hi Candy,
    Thank you so much for coming and visit Stockholm. You really have another kind of view seeing me and my home and like it. I really do appreciate that you like my simple treasure in life.
    I am so blessed to have friends like you to change my thoughts and vice versa, with.

    You know what? I am drooling with your sorbet glasses and the chargers. Holy Molly!!! I really wanted to have some of those. Not mentioning the dragonflies... plates? They are adorable.

    So, enjoy your day and weekend ahead. God bless you and your lovelies.

    I will be your new followers and will keep an eye on you and drool --- *wink

    /CC girl

  9. *** point of view, that is! A typo, indeed... sorry

  10. Love this color scheme - such lovely table. And the chargers are gorgeous - I imagine you can use them with any set of dishes!

  11. Your table is stunning! I love the purple with your gorgeous reticulated chargers and salad plates...what a find! I have an entire china set for 12 with plates like this and I adore them! I need to run and get something in purple, which I don't have! Beautiful! Thanks for visiting me, dear friend. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. I LOVE this tablescape. Your pierced chargers are lovely: you were so lucky to find them at a yard sale! I really have to look closer at purple: I do not have anything in that color and I'm going to have to rectify that. Thanks for the inspiration! Rosie

  13. Your tablescape is gorgeous. The best part for me about entertaining is setting the table with pretty plates and decor :)

  14. Very pretty plates, sister would die for those purple dragon fly ones! Your amethyst compote reminds me of my grandmother who had a vast collection and was so much into entertaining and beautiful tablescapes of her own. She was my inspiration!
    Have a great's almost Friday!