Monday, March 30, 2015

Blue Bunnies Tablescape

Don't you just hate it when you plan something and it just does not happen?  I had planned to do a "Frozen" tablescape in December for sweet hubby's grand daughters (with the pretense of using his son's birthday as the reason for the occasion) and as luck would have it they were not able to make it before Christmas.  We decided to reschedule for right after Christmas which would have been fine by me.  As the date approached we found out that both grand daughters and their brother had come down with mononucleosis.  The poor babies stayed sick for weeks.  Because the kids did not recover right away we did not reschedule at that time.  Fast forward to this past week when I was about to pack up the plates that I had planned to use for the Frozen tablescape I thought to myself, why not do a blue Easter tablescape before I pack up everything until next Winter.  Why not?  I have a pretty aqua blue table scarf to use and four cute aqua blue bunny egg cups that I found at Walmart for a centerpiece,  this could work out just fine! I washed and ironed the scarf and napkins and set the table with the new bunnies and my "Frozen" stash.  Ta-dah!  The Easter table I hadn't planned!
 All three cats wanted to get in on the action while I set the table.  That is Prince looking out of the window (yes that is snow in the backyard).  Cheetah just laid on the floor and watched my every move while sweet little Oreo hung out on the chair cushions pawing at me whenever I came by her side of the table.

Crystal candle holders are topped with teal mirrored eggs that I bought at Marc's (my favorite close-out store)  and pretty Capri blue wine glasses are used as cupcake stands.  The cupcakes have aqua icing although the color did not turn out as dark a blue as I wanted they are still pretty in their wine glass stands.
The cupcakes have chocolate branches (melted chocolate drizzled off the edge of a spoon over parchment paper) with store bought bees and flowers on top.
I used my reticulated chargers layered with pale aqua blue swirl plates bought at Marshall's about five years ago. Thrifted vintage Capri blue swirl bowls top the stack accompanied by a white napkin sheathed in a teal blue sheer organza napkin held together with bunny napkin rings.

Longchamp water glasses (a Goodwill purchase)  and peacock blue fiesta flatware (bought off of Ebay several years ago super cheap) complete the setting.
I did not have enough of the reticulated salad plates to do the whole table but I could not resist trying them in a place setting to see how they would of looked in the stack.
 Teal and aqua table scatter is dispersed across the tabletop.

The centerpiece is teal mirror pieces cemented onto a clear cylinder candle holder placed on a vintage pressed glass twelve point saucer that is set upon a wide top crystal candle holder to elevate it. Teal table scatter was placed on each of the twelve points surrounding the candle cylinder.  The four egg cup bunnies are sitting under the crystal candle holder.

Th dining room shelves are decorated for Easter too.  There are bunnies and birdhouses over filling each shelf.  The wooden boxes are from Marc's and pretty near everything else is thrifted.

 Thank you for stopping by.  Have a Happy Easter! ..... Candy

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  1. Your BLUES are BLUETIFUL!! My goodness- everything is just SOOOO very pretty. For being UNplanned it is just perfect. Wonderful job, Candy!!!! xo Diana

  2. Your Easter tablescape in blue is stunning! I specially love the tall blue wine glasses holding the cupcakes. I also love your furry babies keeping you company while mama creates beautiful tables.
    You always do great tables my friend.
    Happy Easter ahead.

  3. I love the way the colors glow and give off a light. The crystal goblets are wonderful and all the mirrored eggs and candles. What a clever way to display the lovely cupcakes, and the napkins are wonderful. Everything is just perfect - one of my favorite table settings (though I'm sure I'd find a lot more favorites if I went back through your older posts. Stunning!

    I have a pink set of swirled bowls (and a serving bowl) like your aqua ones.

  4. I think my 1st comment did not take. I pinned to my tablescape and dinnerware boards to show you off. Love this blue Easter tablescape parade that pluged me into an aqua dreamscape. I love the addition of the cupcakes. The whole table is a wonder to see. My favs are the blue eggs, tall stem goblets and sparkly candle.

  5. I think my 1st comment did not take. I pinned to my tablescape and dinnerware boards to show you off. Love this blue Easter tablescape parade that pluged me into an aqua dreamscape. I love the addition of the cupcakes. The whole table is a wonder to see. My favs are the blue eggs, tall stem goblets and sparkly candle.

  6. Candy, your table is dazzling...I love all the different shades of blue you have used. They all work so well together. I love the mostly blue plate stack, beautiful. You found those awesomely cute little egg cups at WalMart...this year? Your wine stems make a perfect vessel for those yummy looking cupcakes. Cute napkin rings.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter!

  7. Hi, Candy,
    You have "hit it out of the park!" with this tablescape!! I love everything you have put together for this table. Your dish stack with all the shades of blue and textures is exquisite (LOVE your reticulated chargers and salad plates). Honestly, everything comes together so well. You've really shown that Easter doesn't have to be about pastels only: "Frozen Blue" works PERFECTLY!!! Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  8. Wow, this is beautiful! Planned to not you did an excellent job putting this together!

  9. Wow oh wow! This tablescape is over the top beautiful! You have so many elegant elements. The way you have used plates, glasses, and candlesticks in creative ways. A very elegant Easter table. The cupcakes are true art. Thanks for posting this. Have a wonderful Easter.

  10. This is simply stunning Candy! Wow Wow Wow, and those cupcakes in the stemware take it over the top! What a heavenly setting to celebrate spring and Easter! Your kitty helpers are too cute!
    Happy Easter, and gorgeous table!

  11. I love your blue table setting. I looked and many and yours if my favorite. Awesome.

  12. Pinned, pinned, pinned! Candy, this took my breath away! Stunning in a "different" colour for Easter. The sparkly accents, dishware, stemware and flatware all combine to create a spectacular tablescape! I was feeling bad you couldn't create the Frozen table but so glad you ended up thinking outside the box for Easter - no doubt, the Frozen table will be just as stunning! Hope you have a blessed and happy Easter!

  13. Candy! Wow, just wow, how beautiful. My adoration of blue must've passed on to my I was reading your post she squealed in delight as she passed by, but who wouldn't? Stunning, stunning, stunning!! You are so talented! Have a blessed Easter, and I hope your family is feeling much better!

  14. Candy,

    Your resourcefulness and knack for brainstorming have resulted in this most radiant Blue Bunny tablescape! For me, these creations are the best kind of decorating. I love the combination of this pastel-y blue and white (napkins), with the beige-y hues of the bunny napkin rings. The white bunny place settings/sparkling blue eggs, are very inviting, and I'm sure your guests couldn't wait to take their seats, anticipating the beautiful Easter feast to come.

    Hope your grands are on the mend.

    Happy Easter, my friend!


  15. Just came across your site and it is absolutely amazing, especially the Blue Bunnies Tablescape. You are very talented. Where ever did you find the capri blue wine glasses? I would love to find something similar. Thanks for sharing! Kate

  16. Hi Katie, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I found the Capri blue wine glasses at the Salvation Army Thrift Store a year or two ago. I saw a set on Ebay when I looked them up to try and find a manufacturers name. I still do not know who made them or when they were made.