Monday, November 24, 2014

A Ducky Thanksgiving Tablescape.

With Christmas just a few weeks away I have been chomping at the bits to start my holiday decorating.  I am so ready to deck the halls with snowflakes and boughs of holly.  However, first things first.  You got to give Thanksgiving it's due.  I have been thinking about a suitable tablescape for Thanksgiving and had everything set out to do three separate tables and I have been making myself crazy trying to decide on which table to do.  I see so many pheasant tables out and about in blogland (in fact I have one in the wings too) and I thought it might be fun to do a duck tablescape for Thanksgiving.

A Ducky Thanksgiving Tablescape........
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape
 I spent three hours making the centerpiece.  Yes I know it is a bit over the top - I just don't know how to say when.
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape
There won't be many words today - I have to start some of my baking for dinner on Thursday.
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape
 I haven't decided on the soup to serve in the cute little pumpkin bowls yet.  The kids don't like anything to fancy.  Maybe split pea?
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape
I don't think it will be duck soup..... Our guests might take exception to that (hehehe).
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape
I found the Spode Harvest duck S&P's at Marshall's.
The flatware is Cambridge - The handles are a pretty marble like brown finish.
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape
The pumpkin soup bowls came from Marshall's last year.
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape

The Gibson salad and dinner plates are from The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.  The raised oak leaf pattern seemed perfect for this time of year.

The accent plate was thrifted a while back.  I do not know who the maker is,  I took a picture of the mark on the back.

 The charger plate came from Walmart last year.
 There were cups and saucers with the Gibson dinnerware set.
The golden amber bubble glass and the orange/red banded wine glass were also thrifted.
Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape
More pictures
 Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape

Plumcreek place - Duck, hunt, fall, Thanksgiving tablescape

If I change my mind about the table (after all pheasants are cute too, I will try to take pictures of the final table and post them too.

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  1. Oh I agree - no duck soup. I do love the tiny pumpkin soups though - have admired them for a year now. They would be wonderful with split pea soup. Everything goes so well together - the ducks are wonderful. I've never seen a duck themed table - simply wonderful. And the flatware is gorgeous and perfect for the table. The centerpiece is beyond beautiful - everything if simply fabulous - as always.

  2. Thud! Wow, what a table...the centerpiece is beautiful...your attention to detail is unmatched, Candy. Howard said he really likes this table...he used to hunt ducks!
    The acorn plates are great for this time of year...and the accent plate is just plain beautiful! I really like the chargers and may check to see if WM still has them.
    I have the same napkin holders, but haven't used them lately.
    I am really sorry to see fall end...I just love the warm colors that can be used in tablescapes...but it's on to Christmas!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi Candy,

    I love ducks and chicks and geese and all those gallinaceous gals; they are all adorable and very stylish with their soft, colourful coats, and those big, bright eyes!! Your pumpkin bowls are very pretty, and along with all your other touches, your table is set for a fun and fabulous Thanksgiving celebration! Have a wonderful time, my friend!


  4. Oh what a wonderful full table this is! Love it!

  5. SOLD!
    Even if your dishes weren't amazing, your floral arrangement super, those ducks would sell it to me instantly.
    I have a thing for ducks. I can't even understand why because in my family we never had ducks but as soon as I see one I go ahhh and ohhh. Crazy uh?
    And yours go a step above to awesome.
    You always create tables I want to play with.
    Happy Thanksgiving Candy!

  6. I think your table is it. Those ducks add a touch of texture plus a bit of whimsy....Beautiful job!

  7. I can tell you spent time on this centerpiece! It's gorge. Those plates from Walmart are so pretty, what a deal!

  8. Hi Candy! I love it that you went with ducks!!! What a fun way to dress the table for Thanksgiving...or anytime in the fall and winter months!

    I salute you for taking your time with the centerpiece. I'm with you on that. I don't rush that...ever! If it takes 3 hours, then so be it! The centerpiece is what draws guests eyes to the table whether it's flowers or candles or ducks. The eye goes in, then comes back out to the periphery. Because of that, I believe in spending as much time as necessary to get just the right look, and that's exactly what you did. Your centerpiece is beautiful!

    I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Candy, this is gorgeous. It wouldn't matter what food you put on the table. Anything would taste good when there is such a feast for the eyes. Your centerpiece is stunning (I think more is better - especially when the season is about abundance). Your plate stack is Fall perfection. A beautiful way to give thanks. laurie

  10. Candy,
    Another stunning tablescape!!
    Thanks so much for the party!!


  11. Me gustan tus decoraciones!!!
    Adoro los espacios repletos de cosas bonitas!!!