Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scarecrows and Pears on the Fall Tree

Just for Fun

Spiders are no longer inhabiting my fall tree.  It's scarce but a day or two past Halloween and the new residents have already moved in.  You can see how proudly the spider once sat upon his tree.  But alas, no more does he call that tree his home.  There is a rumor that he has been cast out to dwell in the boxes in the furthest reaches of the furthest corner of that place that no one dares go, except for I.  That outcast region that is called the guest bedroom's closet.  But fear not, it is said that he shall be rescued on a day early next fall and he will dwell amongst us once again.

Now one see's a hapless little scarecrow has taken up residence (even if only temporarily) at the top of the fall tree.  The little scarecrow looks so uncomfortable up there with a stick between the back of his arms and the tree,  supporting  him lest he come tumbling down from his perch.

There are pears tucked into the branches of the tree where once glittering Halloween pumpkins of purple, orange, and green had sparkled.

Tiny scarecrows are tucked in where the spiders once crawled between the lights and the autumn leaves where the glittering pumpkins hid.

Even the owl (painted on weathered boards from an old barn) stares from across the room.  He is wondering what has happened to the majestic spider that once kept him company during the long evening hours when no one was there to see. He stares and he wonders if he will be the next to disappear.

Have a great day and remember to stay safe and to stay happy. I think the world of you and I hope you come back to see my new fall tablescape in a couple of days.

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  1. This looks very nice for your fall transition. I am loving this time of year moving from one holiday to the next! Thanks for joining HSH!

  2. Wow! The owl painted on the board is gorgeous. You have so many pretty things for Fall. I think it makes our homes look so warm and inviting as it gets colder to decorate for Fall. Sweet hugs!

  3. Oh I love this tree and decorations so much better - the owl is fabulous and the tree bright and cheery. I can't wait to see what you do for the new table setting.

  4. Oh...lots of cute Fall decor here! Love it all!

  5. What a GREAT fall tree!!! I love the transition from the Halloween decor.

  6. Your Fall tree is so pretty! I love scarecrows, and you have some really cute ones! New follower here! Thanks for following me!

  7. I can't explain it but Fall seems to be the shortest season of the four. Love your tablescape - the colors are gorgeous. -- Jan