Sunday, August 18, 2013

A sunflower state of mind

Hi! I am Candy and this is my first ever blog.
Last fall the squirrel's hid some of the sunflower seeds from our bird feeders in the raised bed where we grow our tomatoes. When they first came up I was some what surprised.  We always get some volunteer tomato plants coming up in that bed in the spring but this was the first time that sunflowers sprouted there.

Our volunteer sunflower

Sunflowers and Black eyed Susan's  always remind me that fall is around the corner. Thoughts of pumpkins and Mums start popping into my mind.  I really love fall.

Blackeyed susan
The Black Eyed Susan's spread out a little more every year. 

I can't help but smile when I walk out onto the patio.  I love the vivid colors of late summer.

black eyed susan, fall flowers
Sweet potato vines in baskets pair up well with the black eye susan's.

The patio will soon take on it's fall personality.  I am looking forward to the mum's and the pumpkins residing on the plant stands.  The scarecrows will soon be standing guard watching over the corn stalks. Such fun.

Fall chandelier wreath, fall patio
I make a new fall candle ring almost every year.  But I may use this one again.

I put my sunflower tablecloth on the breakfast table today and set the table with bright late summer colors.

sunflower, late summer tablescape
Dansk  Caribe dinner plates with Tabletops Gallery rooster bread plates

late summer tablescape
Rooster cups, rattan chargers, wooden handle flatware, and the sunflower table cloth.

Our table is set for our first Sunday morning brunch to share on this blog . This is just like playing house, with our own table for two.
summer tablescape, sunflowers
Breakfast for two. Entirely thrift store finds.
I want to thank you for stopping by.  Figuring out how to get everything to work properly is a challenge that I will be working on for a while. But with a little help from my friends and family, and a lot of perseverance I know that I will learn the ins and the outs to make this an interesting and enjoyable place to visit. 


  1. I love fall too, and pumpkins! Cute candle/pumpkin arrangement and your sunflower, Wow!!

  2. Thanks! The fall candle wreath will be coming back soon.

  3. I know your post is from late August, but I love the touches of fall! It would be great to have you link to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper