Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Bunny Tablescape

March 26,02015

Last year we celebrated Easter twice,  on Easter Sunday and again two weeks later so that my son Chris and my DIL Zhenia could be here.  We decided to combine my son Bobby's BDay, Mother's Day,  and Cinco Di Mayo all together with our belated Easter celebration.  The table was set  for spring and Easter but for whatever reason I didn't do a post on this occasion.  So I thought I would share the pictures with you today.

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See the cute little chick S&P shakers?  They were a gift from my sweet DIL for Easter last year.  As usual this was an entirely thrifted table with the exception of the burlap table covering,  the green flatware which came from Marc's (my favorite closeout store) a couple of years back,  the S&P'S and a bit of miscellaneous from the stash..
The china is Mikasa's Imari Bouquet, a pretty floral pattern that I found at Goodwill near where I worked at that time.  The cabbage bowls are hand painted ceramics from the 1980's.

The bunnies were used two weeks earlier for the first Easter table and just reused with a crafty clay pot  centerpiece.


The centerpiece is stacked clay pots with a few artificial plants and burlap carrots from Pat Catan's a local craft store.  Their everyday prices are usually lower than Hobby Lobby's or JoAnn's even with the silly coupons.
Before I removed the burlap table covering from the table I set one more table that I wasn't particularly fond of and had decided not to post it until now.  I don't know why but it didn't look quite right to me.  Maybe the burlap didn't suit the pattern of the dishes,   I think a plain white tablecloth would have worked better. After I cropped this and that off of the pictures they look much better to me now.
 I think the plates are a Patricia Brubaker design. 


As usual my two BFF's were watching every move that I made - Cheetah
(doesn't he have the sweetest face?)
and the Black Prince.

Remember to thrift on ladies,  thrift on, you never know what you will find.  Case in point - Earlier this week I was at the Goodwill store near where I live.  There was a cart of items that were just priced and waiting to be put on the shelves.  As I walked up to the cart there was a lady picking up a Lladro figurine of a boy and a girl on a teeter totter in pristine condition,  it was marked $8.00.  This lady and I chattered for a good ten minutes about our Goodwill finds before she checked out right before me (she was so excited about her find) and we continued to chatter about the figurine while the cashier rang up her purchases.  When I came home I looked the Lladro figurine up on Ebay.  The ones listed there for sale there were priced from the $160.00  dollar range to upwards of $300.00......  Just sayin,  thrift on........

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  1. Candy, what joy and playfulness in your Spring Bunny tablescape! The white chicks salt and pepper shakers are adorable; what a lovely gesture by your daughter-in-law. My favourite features are the Mikasa Imari bouquet dinner plates, which have my beloved colour combos in them; those flowers are so delicate and pretty. Your napkins are the perfect complement. The potted carrots and tulips are TOO cute, and remind me of Peter Rabbit stories; such fairy tale whimsy.

    Thank you for sharing this sweet and charming display. I'm certain you had a lot of fun putting it together. Now, you need to sit down and enjoy it! If I lived nearby, I'd surely hop on over to join you!;)

    Happy Spring, my friend!


  2. Candy- Oh! That first tablescape is just like a fantasy world! I just love it-and you have so many neat pieces to pull it all together. What fun!
    That second table setting is just gorgeous,too. You do a great job...just great! xo Diana

  3. Candy, young and old will find this Easter table magical. The centerpiece is awesome. The china is very striking. I know I have told you several times how I look forward to seeing what you come up with, especially for holidays. I am amazed at what you find at your thrift stores, they are so much better than mine for finding treasures.
    The blue table is those wine hocks.
    Your kitties are gorgeous...mine always have to check out what I am doing, too. One follows me like a dog, he is never more than an arm length away!
    Have a great week...waiting to see what you come up with for Easter this year...I just posted one of mine.

  4. I love your table settings. I now need lots of bunnies!!!

  5. Wow - both table settings are so wonderful. The bunny table is so special - all the right touches - all the coordinating colors. I love the centerpiece - and the cabbage bowls of course. Love the chicken salt and peppers too - you sure do come up with the most clever ideas and great accessories. And the blue table - what can I say - love the plates and the glasses - and everything. I'm always happy when I see your blog come up - now to go back and reread it all over again and again.

  6. What a playful and fun Easter table! So many cute things to take in and make dining at the table a real experience. I love those cabbage bowls and can't believe those are "older" and a thrifted item. I like the centerpiece with the carrots in the terra cotta pots. The burlap tablecloth is a wonderful backdrop to both tablescapes.

  7. Candy, those plates and that setting in the first 'scape are sooo beautiful! I need to stake out where you shop! What a whimsical and fun centerpiece too! I see nothing wrong with the second setting....of course, I'm immediately drawn to all of the gorgeous blue! ;)

  8. Oh Candy what a cute tablescape! I'm enjoying the centerpiece the most! Love the rabbits and the clay pot arrangement! The 2nd one probably felt naked after the first one but it's pretty too. Trove the blue stemware and violet colors of the dishes- beautiful!

  9. Your tables are stunning. Loads of beautiful dishware, flatware, and centerpieces. Love the burlap. It made me happy to see the 2 adorable cats. I love dogs and cats.

  10. I like both tables, I think the cobalt blue really pops against the burlap Candy! Your Easter bunnies are just adorable, I love the one painting eggs :) also LOVE the carrots growing in your pots!

  11. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  12. Your tables are just beautiful! I love all the details and the centerpiece is so pretty. I think the burlap gives such a natural feel. Have a wonderful Easter!
    Miss Bloomers

  13. Both of your tables are just beautiful. I love the clay pots centerpiece. All of your dishes and glassware are SO pretty! HOPPY Easter:):)

  14. I'm late in thinking - and decide - what I'll do for Easter.
    And I had to stop by and enjoy your natural Hymn of Happy and Celebratory Trablescapes.
    I love it.
    Enjoy Easter Dear Candy!

  15. Pretty tables! I love the burlap shows off everything on the table so nicely. Coveting those lettuce bowls!!

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