Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Shamrock Spring Tablescape

Spring is here at last - kind of.

OK,  I know there are shamrocks on my plates and I know it is now spring but there are three good reasons for me to be showing the green again this week for a spring tablescape.  First:  I found my missing shamrock plates, second:  I won a beautiful set of shamrock green Fiesta plates at Missy Bowen's The Victorian Cottage  that I really want to use, and third: I wanted to use my Belleek Daffodil vase that also has shamrocks on it.

These are the beautiful Fiesta Plates that Missy sent me.


Don't they look lovely with the Bordello Pinheiro shamrock plates? They are one of my all time favorite Goodwill finds at only a dollar each (or it could have been fifty cents each)

This is my Belleek Daffodil vase from Goodwill.

Looks like spring to me!

The shamrock wine glasses are all Goodwill finds.
Thrifty floral candle holders from Marc's (my favorite close out store) for only $2.99. Can you see the cute little bees on the echinacea flowers? The lovely crocheted scarf came from the VOA store.

Checkers anyone?
My post from last week "Dining With Leprechauns" is being featured at Laura's Friday Favorites linky party.

Bunnies have been invading my house all week.  They are everywhere!  There are white bunnies, pink bunnies, yellow bunnies, bunnies with floppy ears, bunnies the tall ears, bunnies with babies (oh my goodness all of the babies),  bunnies in people clothes, bunnies that garden,  golly you name it and I got those kind of bunnies.


Sue at  Housekaboodle   is having a Getting to Know You Party at Her Meet the Neighbors Linky Party.
There is a list of questions to help you introduce yourself to people in the blogging community that may not already know a lot about you.

These are my responses:

1. Morning person or night owl.?  Answer: Well that would depend on what you call morning.  Does waking up at two O'clock AM  to work on your blog constitute a very early morning person,  or a very late night owl person? Let's call it a very early morning person (unless I lay back down and catch a few more hours sleep).

2.  The doorbell rings and it's your neighbor.  Do you invite them in or pretend you are not home?  Answer:  Unless I had just stepped out of the shower and am attired only in a towel wrapped around my body,  I would let them in. I am always in the middle of a project and eager to get feedback on what I am doing.  My neighbor's are all sweethearts and I adore them and I place a high value on their opinions.

3. When out of sugar do you visit a neighbor or head to the market? Answer:  I can't imagine borrowing food from a neighbor.  Lawnmower yes, food no.

4. In home design, what is your go to color combination?  I am very drawn to a warm neutral setting.  I fell in love with kilim beige a few years ago when HGTV used that color in their Dream House giveaway.  My favorite color to use with this beige is sage green or a warm red.

5. Where do you live now and given the choice where would your dream home be? Answer:  I currently live in a lovely community in Medina County Ohio.  In my alternate universe I would love to live in North Carolina,  especially the Lake Lure area or near Henderson, NC.

6. What is your favorite social media and why?  Answer: Pinterest is my favorite go to when I have a little time to spend on indulging myself with an overload of ideas. I have so many different interests and Pinterest takes me anywhere my whimsical interests want to go.  Incidentally my current whimsy is fairy gardens - I am in love with fairy gardens.

7. What inspired you to start your blog?  Answer: The internet inspired me.  When my company closed it's Ohio operation and I lost my job several years ago I found out computers were not just for work anymore. I found a community of people with the same interests that I have.  I kind of stumbled onto tablescaping while I was looking for something on the Garden Web,  from there I saw a post where I found Susan's Between Naps On The Porch.  I have always been crazy over pretty plates and table settings and blogging gives me a way to share my ideas. 

8. Do your family or friends follow your blog?  My sweet sister-in-law JoAnn checks my blog every week and my good friend Gloria at work checks my blog out every week too. My son's say they visit every week! Bless their little hearts! Every once and a while one of our friends from my husbands Navy days will visit too.

I think that is enough about me!

I hope you can get over to Laura's "I'm not a Trophy Wife" to visit,  and to Sue's blog and visit some of the lovely homes that she features in her blog and to Missy's Blog - Missy has a gorgeous Chocolate Bunny Tablescape using a Fiestaware flamingo dinner plate, a chocolate lunch plate and a turquoise desert plate with a chocolate bunny on top this week....Really cute!!

Have a wonderful week.  Thrift on ladies, thrift on.


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  1. Candy, your tablescape is so beautiful. I am so happy that you won the Fiestaware plates. Your Bordallo plates are stunning. I think your Belleek vase has to be the find of the century at GW and it is fantastic. I have never seen the daffodil. I now will have to look for that pattern because my husbands family is from Wales and daffodil is their flower. I will file your tablescape as one of my most favorite, just beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Candy! Those Fiestaware plates are such a great shade of green. Love your it vintage?
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love the tablescape and getting t o know you better through your Q&A session.



  4. Oh where do I start - the pretty plates - the shamrocks - the vase - the silverware - oh the silverware!!! And loved the questions - always fun to learn more about friends.

  5. Candy - I swoon every time I read the word "Belleek"! Can you imagine what I do, when I actually see some of it in a post?? Your vase is stunning and I love your shamrock plates. The emerald green stemware is gorgeous and what is not to like about any color of Fiesta. Hope your St. Pat's was fun!!

  6. Love it! cannot believe you found Belleek at Good Will! whenever I go to there, all I see are rows and rows of jeans! lol. xo

  7. Love your table! Great to have you be a part of SEASONAL SUNDAYS.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  8. Candy, it was fun getting to know you better through your answers! No wonder you wanted to set another table with the shamrock plates. The daffodil vase you found is awesome! What a find!

  9. And I love spring just like your tablescape! It’s too green that I can’t take my eyes how you arrange it Candy! Gorgeous!

    Sebastian Chuter

  10. You have so much shamrock that you should do multiple tables, and how clever to make it a spring theme to keep it current after St. Pat's! Love the centerpiece~ your bunny palooza sounds fun, but I haven't got around to doing an Easter table yet, but maybe I'll get inspired!

  11. I've never looked at shamrocks as being an exclusively St. Patrick's Day thing. I think they shout Spring from the rooftops no matter what the day!

    Congratulations on your big win AND on finding those shamrock plates! I know that was driving you nuts for a minute!

  12. it all. The Fiesta is perfect for this table.

  13. What a perfect table, Candy! Starting at your table cover and ending with your GW shamrock vase (CAN'T BELIEVE THAT FIND!) everything goes together so well. I love the shamrocks on top of your napkins....the whole look is perfect for a happy spring tablescape. Well Done! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. I love the plates you won, and the shamrock plates, too. I'd love to find some, hope to one day. You get up at 2:00 am? Oh my, I thought I was doing bad getting up to blog at 5:00, ha ha. Thanks for sharing this at the History & Home Link Party this week! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  15. Very pretty green.... A lovely table and such a pretty vase.

  16. Oh My! What wonderful bargains you found to create this beautiful table. Those shamrock plates and that vase are gorgeous, and I can't believe you found them at GW. The green Fiesta plates you received are perfect for this scape. Your shamrocks with bling make pretty napkin rings, and you even have shamrock wine stems! Have a great weekend. laurie

  17. Thank you for visiting Laurie, your comment came as a noreplyblogger. I was really pleased when I found the shamrock plates and the vase (I am always looking for new pretties).

  18. What a beautiful tablescape, candy! Love the shamrocks plates and the green colors.....Christine